Retailers Struggling To Survive Inflation

Like covid wasn’t bad enough to destroy our independent retail businesses over the last two years, the administration continues bad policy that has been devastating to our industry. I get it, covid came and it was scary – but then we started to understand more about the virus and especially saw that the lock downs and masking was only adding to the problems. But that didn’t stop our government and health “experts” from doubling down and enforcing even more restrictions over the last two years. I am not a conspiracy theorist – I am realistic and react on how these regulations have been killing our businesses.

So we got past covid and those of us still standing have had the last year getting pounded by inflation, supply chain issues and higher production costs. This did not just happen because of the Ukraine/Russia conflict, although that has intensified the problems. From Jan 22 we have suffered through deliberate policy to inflict higher prices and shortages. We have shot ourselves in the foot, ON PURPOSE. You cannot close down oil pipelines without a penalty. I am all for alternative energies but any idiot knows that you do not shut down your electric box until you have the windmill hooked up! This is simple. With increased oil and utility pricing our small businesses have had issues keeping up.

Zoom ahead to today where we are seeing rampant inflation. This is effecting everyone and especially small businesses whose margins have shrunken dramatically. Is there an answer to these problems? Of course there is but we have people in charge who are purposefully leading us in the wrong direction. I am not a political person – I am an entrepreneur. I need my business to survive so my family can survive. Small businesses have long been the backbone of our country – and I am afraid that our backs are breaking and no one in power is caring!

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