AI To Change Retailing As We Know It

IF you have been following the recent uptick in AI development you are probably as alarmed as we are about unleashing this unregulated and potentially dangerous technology. But untested and dangerous has never stopped us before when it comes to rolling out things that will potentially harm us and our civilization. But that is just my humble opinion after doing some research on AI. Of course, those who tout it will extoll the wonderful virtues that it has. And it does have some useful benefits.

RECENTLY the National Retail Federation shared a report that Artificial Intelligence will change retail. The article assures us that the benefits will outweigh the worst-case scenarios and that the reality will be different! Well, I feel better already.

LEVI Straus, remember this company that lost a giant market share this year with their woke marketing and firing of CEO? They tell us that AI is already changing retail and that they would be working with customized AI generated models. American Eagle also said that they are using AI for inventory tracking. Wait, is this the same American Eagle that removed a bracelet from their line because it emulated a slave bracelet? That was five years ago so the company is probably all-knowing now about things. Puma company is also starting to use AI for their personalized customer styling. Wait, isn’t Puma the same company that had Australians in an outrage earlier this year by going “vegan” and denouncing kangaroo leather? Google it. So, here are three major companies using AI who have all made, in my opinion, bad business decisions, but we are told everything will be OK.

AI will be used to help with company’s models to offer more diverse body types and use AI models in place of live people in their offerings. Yes, I want to dress like that robot with the creepy eyes, thank you.

THE companies claim all of this will help the consumer feel more comfortable about what they are buying and make business operations more efficient. One executive said that “they are listening to the conversations” and want to understand the full power of AI. They are hoping that the technology will help optimize pricing, forecasting and marketing. These retailers along with groups like NRF are busy discussing and advising legislators. That should make all of us feel assured.

THE reality is that it’s going to happen whether we like it or not. The government proves time and again that they are incompetent and incapable of managing and even understanding technology. Time to start building your bunker!

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  1. This discussion on the role of AI in retail is eye-opening! It’s clear that embracing technology like AI can revolutionize business operations and enhance the customer experience. As a retail entrepreneur, I’m always on the lookout for innovative solutions to streamline my operations and stay ahead of the competition.

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