Recovering After Covid

Retailers around the world have suffered for the last year under many archaic shutdowns and restrictions imposed by their local governments. We are all for safety and ourselves have followed the science, but the overreach we have seen has devastated our industries.

Finally we have pushback by the citizens and stores and businesses are quickly reopening. Some are under restrictions but those who have been able to ride things out will soon be back to full swing and capitalize over the next quarter.

There has been a pent up demand for shopping. Online shopping did increase and it will continue to grow, however people want to get out to the stores and physically shop. So get your store in gear. Redecorate and make your space inviting to the shoppers who will soon be flooding the market.

Here at Forum we have stood side-by-side with our fellow businesses and will continue to support and promote our industry. It’s good to be back!

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