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How To Write A Good Ad

wholesale merchandise adsSome marketers throw away good money on ineffective advertisements. Though the advertisement copy is good, but even with that, they still lose money because they do not know the specifics of a great ad.


It does not matter as to which medium these techniques work best on. They can perform and out-perform on any medium, be it in a newspaper, website, in a classified ad or a full blown page ad. It doesn't matter where.


If you look at any of the successful Ads being used every day, you will see some of these techniques being used there.


To know which ad is working best, just check every day to see if that same advert is still running. If it is still running, it means that the ad is getting some serious response. Look at such Ads and see what they are doing that makes them perform so well. Copy it and you will notice some serious response for your business too.




Below are some of the secrets to writing successful Ads that will guarantee your success in marketing your business.


  • Create a strong headline: More than seventy per cent of all buying decisions are made in the headlines. When your prospects first open your sales letter, if your headline is compelling, prospects will continue reading your ad. But if your headline is weak and limp and does not capture your prospects, there is not a slightest chance that they will read your remaining copy, talk more of buying your product. You would have just wasted money and valuable time. You have to change your headline.


Before you settle on a headline to use, write at least twenty great headlines that has power within them and can compel your prospects to buy with powerful emotional involvement.


People buy with their emotions and justify their buying decisions with logic.


Pack your headlines with strong emotions and you will grab the attention of almost all your prospects.


You should also pack your headlines with the strongest benefits your product offers. This will appeal highly to the targeted prospects; especially if you are advertising to a well-targeted list of prospects.


If you are targeting a highly specific group of people, say mothers, make sure than in your headline, you emphasize the word "mothers", so that your prospects will stop right in their tracks and will read the rest of the copy.


Plus, if some prospects with short attention span reads your headline and sees the word that she relates to (which is mother) she will be curious to know what that headline says about mothers. And if the headline is compelling enough, you just got yourself another high prospect who is likely to read the remaining copy and if that copy is good enough too, congratulations, you just made a sale.


Note: Copywriting is a specialized skill. Not everybody knows how to write a great copy. So if you dedicate some time to practise how to write a great sales letter, you will not just be able to sell your products with ease, you will also attract other businesses that will want you to write their sales copy for them. And that is extra cash in your pockets.


As you must have known by now, selling is one of the most promising professions in the world today. If you know how to sell, there is no limit to your income