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Making E-Mail Marketing Work

If marketing ROI is measured by the number of qualified leads generated per dollar spent, then making sure your email marketing campaign reaches its intended audience is of paramount importance to success. However, it’s not enough just to identify and reach potential customers. Your email campaign must be focused on converting as many qualified leads as possible. To be successful requires your message not only be clear and concise, but that it has a purpose and initiative that spurs customers to action. With this in mind, we’ll review 5 quick tips to get the maximum ROI from your email marketing campaigns and how littlegreenplane can provide the guidance needed to make sure your campaigns are successful.


1. Test Images

We’ve all heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, it’s never been more true than in email marketing. It’s important to note that some servers disable images automatically. The situation is only made worse by the fact that most emails have images side-by-side with text. Make sure your images are clearly visible and when they aren’t, make sure they don’t skew the text.


2. Test Links & Icons

Part of any successful email campaign depends upon the ability to have the emails links and icons functioning properly. After all, you don’t want your customers clicking on an icon or link and getting an error message! Make sure to test these links and icons as part of your pre-plan email checklist.


3. How is the Email Being Received?

There’s simply no way to test images, links and icons if you aren’t testing how different email services receive your email. As such, it’s essential that you set up some free email accounts. Set up email addresses with Yahoo, Google, AOL, and Hotmail. Send your email message to each of these addresses but be sure not to play around with any of the default settings. The purpose of this exercise is to see what your email looks like under similar conditions.


4. Incentivize Customers to Purchase.

As important as it is to ensure you email message is well received, it’s equally important that you focus on your message. Does your email campaign address your customers’ needs and concerns? Does it speak to them in a way that will incentivize them to purchase? For instance, discounts and rewards are excellent programs for customers, but they only work if they incentivize customers to act.


5. Call to Action: Ensure Customer Buy in!

It’s one thing to incentivize your customers with discounts and rewards, but to be able to get customers to act is an art form in itself. Are you aware of how to push customers forward and finally get them to act? Do you know the subtle techniques, and not so subtle techniques, of ensuring customers move forward? Most importantly, do you know how and when to adopt these techniques? If you’re unsure of how to use these techniques, don’t despair. At littlegreenplane, we have the insight you need to make this decision and the follow through capabilities to see your ideas mature.


An argument can easily be made that email marketing is the most cost-effective method of turning potential customers into paying ones. However, the difference between business won or lost is measured by how well you deliver your email and how well its message is structured. At littlegreenplane, we focus on that message by ensuring your email encompasses these five tips and more.