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Improving Sales Performance in Limited Time

Obviously few business owners neglect the constant battle to achieve greater sales. Most managers and entrepreneurs begin and end their days with thoughts concerning the level and percentage increase or decrease of company sales. Many, however, do not do enough to correctly drive business sales, and their companies suffer from lackluster growth.

Small businesses are most susceptible to the problem of lagging sales because frankly, the only salesperson on the payroll may be the owner or manager. Small businesses many times do not have formal CEOs or COOs. The owner wears all of theses hats and therefore frequently has no time for basic sales calls and presentations.

Anyone familiar with small business knows that the owner's most precious commodity is time. On any given day, this time is usually totally utilized maintaining the day to day operations of the business. Customers are taken care of, supplies are ordered, checks are written, problems are solved and that's it. Many small business owners complain that there is no time to accomplish anything except mundane daily activities. With this difficult scenario, it's easy to see how sales can suffer.

Long time business owners know that over time business fades. Customers quit for a variety of reasons. Some move away, some die, some become unemployed, some have a bad experience and subsequently do not return and some simply no longer have a need for a particular product. These customers have to be replaced, or company sales will naturally drop.

Any company needs a designated person who can increase and expand sales. The first step toward achieving better sales performance should be the acquisition of a talented professional sales agent. This individual should be charged with the recruitment of new customers. With today's economic difficulties, the search for the proper salesperson should be relatively easy. Many quality persons are actively looking for sales positions and many will work for salaries substantially lower than they would have commanded in years past.

Any type of business can benefit from the addition of a sales professional. Even caterers and oil change centers will see sales increase if a designated professional is hired to find more customers. Of course, both the owner and the new sales employee should have a solid marketing plan along with materials to facilitate the search for more business. Like any other aspect of business, sales much be approached in a diligent and organized manner.

Business owners frequently run out of time, and at the end of the day, many tasks may still be undone. The entrepreneur, while desperately wishing to increase volume, cannot accomplish by himself. The addition of a trained sales professional is the first important step to achieving better sales performance quickly.

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