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Using Facebook to Promote Your Business
With almost a billion users, Facebook has become one of the biggest and most profitable sites of all times. What sets this site apart from most other sites is the element of social networking. Not only does Facebook have an incredibly large number of subscribers, but its subscribers use the site on a daily basis. This social media site has opened up a new window of opportunity for online marketers.

Have you started using Facebook marketing for promoting your products and services yet? Do you know how Facebook can help you strengthen your brand identity and increase the value of your brand? Do you know how useful Facebook can be to your business? You can create a Facebook fan page for your business and Take a look at ten of greatest benefits of using Facebook social media marketing:

1. Setting up a Facebook fan/business page helps you gain the attention of the search engines. Google and other search engines quickly index Facebook fan pages on the basis of the keywords you use in the business page title.

2. You can use the Facebook fan page or business page to inform your fans and clients about your latest products, events, services and offers.

3. As Facebook is highly supportive of social media marketing, you can easily create new service campaigns and product pages on this site.

4. Your Facebook fan page or business page can be a great tool for promoting your brand. By adding interesting images, videos and information, you can garner the attention of people who use Facebook on a daily basis. Not only does this help your spread awareness regarding your brand, but it also helps you to broaden your customer base.

5. Facebook, like any social media site, thrives on interaction between members. It gives you a golden opportunity of communication with your customers on a personal level. It helps you find what people really thing about your website, and it helps you built brand loyalty.

6. You can use the Facebook page to showcase your expertise. For instance, if you own a web designing company, you can showcase all your work through photos. This will help you generate leads.

7. You also derive a strong organic SEO advantage by building a powerful profile on Facebook. If you business pages and subsidiary pages on Facebook are viewed and liked by a number of users, it may also push up the value of your main business website.

8. Not all businesses have a Facebook profile. And even among the people who have a page, not many know how to use it well. By creating a cool Facebook profile and updating it regularly, you can build find favor with the younger demographic.

9. While there is no surefire way of going viral on Facebook, any organization that keeps on posting interesting statuses, photos and videos has a chance of hitting the goldmine. When this happens, your fan base can increase many times and your brand can get tremendous exposure.

10. In addition to augmenting your social media marketing efforts, your Facebook business page can also help you drive valuable traffic to your business site. If you have a strong fan following, you can get hundreds of visits on your blogs or website through your Facebook page.
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