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Become A Brilliant Business Marketer

It's a fact that business these days is more competitive
than it's ever been. To stay alive, you can't just offer a quality product at a fair price. You have to know how to market effectively. And as you know, marketing goes hand in hand with advertising.


Unfortunately, most business owners have no idea of how to get the most out of every marketing dollar they spend. You should demand that you get the best possible results from every dime you drop into marketing.


Does this seem too obvious? Look through your yellow pages. Pick them up right now and glance through them. Answer this question: are most of the ads telling you what benefits you get if you become a customer? Or are the ads telling you about the companies, where they are, how wonderful they are, what they do, how great their quality is, how great their service is, and all about them?

Around 95% of the ads are totally focused on the business and not on what the business can do for you, the prospect. Pay attention to advertisements in newspapers, on the television, and on the radio. You'll find the same thing happening in those places, consistently, every day. This type of selfish advertising falls into the terribly wasteful category of "institutional" advertising.


Institutional advertising produces, at best, deferred results. At worst, institutional advertising is ineffective, unproductive, and a wasteful expense that accomplishes no profitable purpose whatsoever.


You know it's institutional advertising when it tells you how great the company is, or how old and stable they are, or some other frilly, fancy, cutesy and other non-compelling foolishness.


Your selfishness is what kills most of your marketing. From brochures to flyers, sales letters to advertisements, your marketing message should let your prospects know that you are concerned only with what they want.


Anything about you should always come last. Your customers should always come first. All marketing materials you create should focus on what the prospects want and need. Every sentence should show that you understand their wants and needs. Until your marketing efforts focus on the prospects first, your marketing is handicapped.



Determine who your market is. Ninety percent of the businesses out there never precisely determine who their market is, and what the desires, needs, wants, and passions of the prospects in that market are. This is a grave mistake.


The successful marketer can tell you precisely who he's marketing to, and what they want in a product or service. He can tell you his best prospect's approximate age, location, education level, income level and other critical information. You must know the who first, and then you can focus on the why.


Why do your customers buy from you? What do your customers want or need most in the products or services you offer? Remember, you need to focus on discovering what the "why" is so that you can focus your marketing efforts on showing your prospects that you can meet the "why" in the most satisfactory fashion.


Think about it. How can you expect to adequately fill someone's needs if you never take the time to understand them? It's simple, yet few companies ever bother to work at meeting their customers' needs.


Companies that is successful with their marketing understand their customers' needs and attempt to satisfy those needs better than the competition.


If you want to own your market, find out what your customers really want. Discover their desires. Search out their passions and needs. Once you have this information, you will be armed to corner your market.



Capture Your Customers & Prospects Names And Addresses.


Of all the terrible marketing mistakes made, I feel that this one has caused companies to lose the most money. I'm talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. Why a company would spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to get a customer in the door and then let them walk out without getting their name and address and other vital information from them is beyond me.


I can't understand it, but 90% of the businesses in America don't ever bother to keep track of their loyal customers, let alone any prospects. Your mailing list, or customer database, is your biggest source of lifetime profits.


Leep track of every customer and every prospect. According to Fortune Magazine, it costs five times as much to generate a new customer than to resell to an existing customer. Existing customers are almost as good as money in the bank.


Your existing customers already know and trust you. They bought from you and (hopefully) had a positive experience with you. They know you'll deliver on your promises, because you've done it before with energy and promptness.


All you need to do is develop a systematic way of keeping track of them, and then ask them to buy from you more often. By establishing a long term relationship with your customers and prospects, you can maximize your business success. Especially if your products or services help solve
your customers' problems.