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Swap Meet Magazine

Swap Meet monthly magazine provides flea market and swap meet vendors with wholesale sources from around the country. All types of products are available including wholesale variety merchandise, wholesale novelties, wholesale gifts, wholesale clothing and more. Each monthly issue also includes a convenience directory of flea markets in all 50 states.

Details: Our national magazine, Swap Meet, affords advertisers the unique opportunity to reach vendors directly at their marketplaces where they are able to inventory their needs quickly. Never before has any one magazine covered the industry as thoroughly as ours.
The statistics are staggering. The dollar volumes generated at swap meets are tremendous. With Swap Meet Magazine you now have the ability to sell directly to the movers and shakers. Your sales will increase dramatically when your company takes advantage of this golden opportunity!
Form of Distribution: Swap Meet Magazine is distributed to 50,000 flea market and swap meet vendors in all 50 states via complimentary controlled circulation. Our master list consists of over 3,500 national markets that are rotated monthly to ensure fresh response to your ads in every issue.


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Monthly magazine featuring wholesale merchandise sources for retail stores and online sellers.

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