The Ultimate China Counterfeiting — A Fake Bank!

Well, just when you thought you had seen it all with the fake handbags, purses, clothing, an entire new level of fakery erupts! A rice trader named Lin Chunping invented a U.S. bank and claimed he bought it.

This little-known businessman shot to fame when Chinese state media reported that he had taken over the Delaware based Atlantic Bank. His hometown praised him as a successful “hero” and state media called his business acumen “legendary.”

The reality is not only did he not buy Atlantic Bank for $60 million as he claimed, but there is no Atlantic Bank in the state of Delaware.

The 41-year-old has been arrested for fraud but illustrates how widespread counterfeiting and fakes have become in China.

Last year in the city of Kunming officials found five fake Apple stores were opened, complete replicas of their legitimate counterparts down to the spiral staircases and the staff dressed in blue t-shirts!

Experts point to the overall lack of scruples and the need to be hyper-competitive to succeed in the overpopulated society to an ancient sage who countenanced lying to achieve a higher power.

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