RETAILERS: How to Save Money On Hiring Union Carpenters

I have been in the fixtureand installation business for over a decade and one thing I hear often from clients is that union carpentry crews are expensive. There are many cities who require workers on a job site to be union members and there are several reasons for that, some political, some safety-wise.

Unlike their non-union counterparts, Union carpenters must serve a rather long period of apprenticing in the field before they qualify as a full service journeyman. This thorough training ensures that all crew members have the highest level of quality and professionalism for every project. This training allows crews to work quickly, accurately and safely at all times. Many clients who have used union crews discover that while the rates are higher, the projects run more seamlessly and efficiently, often saving money in the long run.

For over 130 years the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, with over half a million members has been a leader in training, educating and representing the future generations of construction professionals. There is no group more committed to building relationships than a union carpenter.

With hourly costs easily ranging beyond one hundred dollars an hour in most major cities, it is important to know how you can minimize your costs when you are employing union carpenters. I tell my clients that their preparation before the project is very important. Making sure that the trucks are on time, the fixtures or millwork is properly made and pre-assembled in their shop before it gets to the job site are two important factors in budgeting for a crew.

One of the most unique programs in the industry is our company’s special SHIFT RATE pricing. We save our clients thousands of dollars by sending our union carpentry crew to their projects anywhere in the USA and billing a simple net hourly rate! Our crew then works under our clients own supervision effecting a productive and cost controlled project. Rather than “guess-timating” a fixed price, which is often incorrect and inflated, Store Force provides one net hourly rate with no “fat”and no contingencies.

My goal as national Union Sales Director for Store Force is to present the bestand most practical options for our clients needing union carpentry and union installations around the country. Many of our clients are open-shop companies who partner with us to accommodate their union projects.

Please call on me any time for more information, rates, or to learn more about our union shift rate pricing.

I can be reached at: 1-631-672-3150,,

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