Economic Woes Continue – Antacid Sales Skyrocket!

Well, there is no doubt that the recent economic woes caused by the Government shut down and idiocy onĀ  Capital Hill have created anxiety for small retailers and merchandise suppliers, I found the following interesting news worth sharing with you.

The latest issue of MMR ran a large article on drugs and their increases in the industry. Loand behold one of the largest growth markets has been the Antacid market which has grown to over $93 million in sales with some brands showing as much as a 74% increase in growth!

Could this be related to the economy? Like a bad sit-com where the boss is swigging Pepto at his desk, there could certainly be a correlation to these numbers and reality. Let’s look further – the personal adult market has decreased over 6% but sleeping aids are up over 28%. Do the math. The country’s population is suffering from indigestion, having less sexual activity and having trouble sleeping!

Thank you, Mr. President and all our favorite Congresspeople. The takeaway from this article is that your store should be stocking up on Tums and Gas X to keep your cash registers ringing.

Just some things to consider from the leading magazine for Retailers Forum. Thanks for reading and hopefully you’ve enjoyed this little insight.

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