What NOT To Put On Sign

If you are promoting a product and you are doing some advertising with displays, don’t allow for your customer to know everything. Otherwise, they won’t have a reason to call you, or come visit you.


For instance, when I was working in the banking industry, we displayed our rates on a fancy looking board in the middle of our main lobby.


Customers would come in, take care of their business, glance at the rate board, and walk out the door.


Than one day, some genius decided to take the rate board down, forcing the customer to come into an associate’s office, have a seat, and verbally ask for the rates.


This gave the sales associate an opportunity to sit down with the customer, discuss rates one on one, and also have the opportunity to go over some other products the customer might be interested in.


When you put together an advertisement, put on just enough information to peak your customers interest. Enough to get them to pick up the phone and call you, or come into see you.


Never underestimate the power of meeting one on one with a potential customer.


And remember, props don’t sell, people do.


If a customer has gone as far as contacting you, they have pretty much placed the ball in your court. You now know that they are interested, and it becomes your responsibility to finish the advertisement and close the deal.


When putting an advertisement together, you want people to be wowed by it. But you also want to save some of that magic for when they contact you.


So when you get their attention with your products great features, make sure you save some of that magic to peak their interest even greater once they contact you.


An example of this would be a bank advertising a free checking account.


The advertisement would read:


Open a free checking account today, and receive a free gift.


The customer would take interest because they would be getting a free checking account, but it is the free gift that will spark their curiosity. And of course they wouldn’t know what the free gift was until they came inside and sat down.


So once again, don’t let your advertisements do all of the selling for you, only allow them to kick open the gates, so your customer can come inside, sit down and talk to you.