Tips for Retail Salespeople

Getting good retail sales is not about just being there and in peoples faces enough for them to buy from you. In today's market competition is fierce from all sides and with the economy in strife it becomes harder and harder to convert those shoppers into buyers. So what can you do as a sales person in retail to make those customers buy and buy again? These 3 retail sales tips can give you an edge and make lifelong customers to sustain your business!

1. Be confident
As much as this seems a no-brainer and everyone tells you this tip it is important to restate and refine. Confidence is not being loud, or talking fast, or having a huge ego or "dressing for success". Confidence in selling is a state of mind you must achieve that will flow into your natural style of selling. Forced confidence can be picked up by savvy retail shoppers and turns them off. Instead of trusting you because you are confident and at ease with your style, product and approach, the shopper feels like you are trying to force something on them just as you are forcing confidence.

2. Be Natural
Too many sales people put on a completely different persona when retail selling much to their detriment. Some do this because they feel their 'natural style' is not good for selling and other feel that they get more sales with this made up sales person they inhabit while they work. The truth is your natural style infused with a confidence can sell anything and is more genuine and trustworthy than something that is made up. If you feel your retail sales persona is still better then here is a tip ... maybe you should be an actor not a sales person!


3. Be Genuine
Not to be confused with being natural. Being natural is just using your own personality when developing your sales style. Being genuine is about gaining the customers trust! Trust is one of the most important things in sales and business and one of the few things that guarantees returning customers. There is no point in hard selling something that a customer does not really want, the sale is not a lasting thing and does damage to your reputation and ongoing customer satisfaction. Remember there are competitors everywhere and you have to be better than them or your customers will flock to someone else!

While there are many ways to read customers and close in for a sales the truth of most sales in retail is that you need to respond to the needs of your customers. These retail sales tips will help you overcome obstacles that can distance yourself from their needs and push them away from the sale.


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