Store Windows Make Sales

wholesale merchandise window displaysThe first impression of any shop is crucial, you only have seconds to attract a person's attention. You cannot afford for your window to blend into the background. It has the potential to attract passers by in, or turn them away. You want to catch their eye, you want to build anticipation, make them wonder, seduce, and invite them in for more.


So, what is the secret? What is the psychology behind that? How do you get the public to spend their money in your store?


One of the most important things is not to confuse anybody with a crowded space. Uncluttered, clean and simple displays looks more professional than a table crowded with random items. Don't try to sell everything at once, you can show something else next time.


Look at your window from the outside and try to put yourself into the shoes of a potential customer. Are you able to see it through their eyes?


Make a plan and list what you'd like to show this time. Try to tell a story by building your display around a product or a theme. If possible, carry the look inside your store.


By repeating shape and colour, introducing items in odd numbers (number 3 is good) you will create a sense of harmony. Think pyramid. Small or large. Items arranged in a triangular shape are proved to be very pleasing to the eye.


Lighting is also key. Invest in clever, bright lighting, day and night. You can create a certain mood or spotlight a particular item.


Use of a feature wall is also very good way to inspire attention. Choose a vibrant flock with large and bold patterns or a sprightly damask pattern to draw the eye in. You can complement the colours or shapes of your products with a well chosen wallpaper.


For winter displays try tartan and velvet fabrics as they add a feeling of warmth and on cold gloomy days they can attract customers into the store. Drape the fabrics over chairs or sofas or experiment with dress curtains for the windows themselves. A pole at the back of the window with a fabric hung elegantly and informally is also a tried and tested method.


If you don't trust yourself, hire a professional window designer.


Don't scrimp on your display. The time and money you put into getting it right are well worth the investment.


And last but not last, keep the public interested and intrigued by changing your display regularly and often. They will want to return and see what's new.