Selling On Facebook

wholesale merchandise on facebookFacebook is not just one of the best social media but also a best place for business. Especially for online business. If you have an online store, then Facebook advertising is your way to go.

Recently, I have started an online clothing store. As it’s online based and I don’t have a physical store hence I know that digital marketing is suitable for me. I narrowed it down a bit more. I chose Facebook for marketing. Surprisingly, I am doing great. Let me break it down a bit on how powerful Facebook marketing is. Yes, I did have to present the page in a beautiful way. I had my designers to create stunning cover images and Facebook post templates. Yes, they are good reasons to get great sales but you need those good advertises to reach out to right audience and Facebook is your ultimate partner in that. So I started my page and right after decorating it,


I started boosting post. I added $25 for boosting a post for a week. Thank goodness, I did it. I was out of stock in 5days. Well, I started with about 120 shirts. The boosting worked so well and as soon as I was out of stock I decreased the boosting. When the boosting was $25, I used to get about 12-15 sale per day. When I set $5, I was getting 2-3orders per day. So this just explains how effective Facebook boosting is. What I love about boosting is, you can cancel, increase or decrease the payment whenever you wish to.

One thing you should watch out for is, what you are boosting. Make sure it’s very interesting so that people are forced to have a look at your page. Increasing Facebook like is not a bad idea. When people will see you have about 10-15k likes then they might consider it to be a popular of safe place to purchase things. You must know that, increasing Facebook like can be costly. But the rate is not same all over the world.


For example, if you set USA as target it will cost you a lot, however, if you set country like Bangladesh as target then you can get many like in very less price. The difference is, these low cost likers might not get you sale but they can come handy as I mentioned that people can feel safe when they will see that a page has many likers.

When you put an ad on your Facebook page, make sure the post is precise and gives a clear message what is the post about. Present things in pictorial form if you like. Pictures and videos attracts more people than a regular post. For boosting post, make sure the image contains not more than 20% texts. You can use the image overlay tool to make sure that the image is eligible for boosting.

To sum up, I would say that, Facebook will make your business stand out only if you use the Facebook advertisement. I heard many people, trying to be partner of popular groups even paying some money to show their advertise on those pages, but trust me, it’s not even close what Facebook can do to promote. So shake hands with Facebook to grow your online business.