Network Your Way to Success

wholesale merchandise - networking"There's only one thing that all successful companies in the world have in common -- none was started by one person."


Whether you are a seller of wholesale merchandise or run a retail store - it's all about working the numbers and reaching the most prospects possible. Most of us are introverts, especially me, I dread the idea of going to any events that I might have to be in the centre of attention. But, we all need to GET OVER IT. All of us need help from time to time, we need experience of people that have been at the same situation before so they can prevent us by falling into pits that we do not want to and to succeed, we also need to a group of supportive people around us. But how do we get to know these people that will be so important to our lives? The answer: Networking. Effectively.


Here's a few tips on Networking with people,

  • Expanding Your Network

By just simply meeting 1 new person per day for coffee, you would have grown your network at least 5 in a single week and 20 by the end of the month. Isn't it exciting to meet people from all walks of life and learn something new every single day?


Some of you might say, 'Hey, but I can't possibly meet everyone and some people are not even relevant to what I do!' That is true, thus before you arrange any meetups with anyone, figure out who should be in your network, do your research on them and then, reach out to them.


  • Letting people Know What you are Doing.

Most of your friends know you, but they do not know what you truly do. A 30mins coffee session can allow the both of you to further understand the work that both of you are doing and perhaps about to help one in certain areas.


If you are meeting someone new for the first time, remember the golden rule, be 80% of the time listening and 20% of the time talking. Always be listening to what your companion have to say and understand fully what are they offering before sharing with them what you do and how it can benefit the both of you.


  • Do Networking over Coffee

Both parties get to know each other in an unpressured environment for 30mins. This is way better than a Lunch time networking where everyone has to eat, talk and brainstorm, way too much to do during a lunch and leaves you tired out by the end of it.


  • Be Bold. Introduce yourself.

Most people are friendlier than you think. There are some high-level executives that you are dying to know but afraid that you might intrude their precious minutes, but you never know if they are also looking out for people like yourself. A helpful tip here would be, prepare your proposal, make it short and clear, and what's in it for them. Your chance of meeting them for a quick cup of coffee might be higher.


  • Networking is a Two-Way Street

Reciprocate this new relationship by sharing information that would be informative to the other party. Remember, don't just go follow up after the meeting with, 'It was great meeting you and here's more details about my business/what I do... '


Do note that Desperation isn't cool. Always stay in touch with the people you network with by spending 1-2 hours a week sending them useful contents or just simply congratulating them on their new achievements.