Increasing Sales Using Twitter

marketing retail store on twitterDo you think that the time and effort you’re investing in Twitter is not getting you any significant results? But now and then you hear about inspiring success stories of different businesses, which have leveraged Twitter and managed to get quality leads! Don’t be discouraged. Try again but this time with better planning and effective strategies. You need to come out of this uncertainty and get on with generating quality leads by leveraging some useful and authentic strategies. If you are at it already, trust us, you are about to nail it.


A few tweaks to your existing strategy and you will witness great improvements.  My friend, who works for Cox, leveraged Twitter to promote Cox internet specials. And I was promoting my own skincare line, but the results we both got were different.


That was because he used more effective strategies than I did.  And that made all the difference! Twitter can do wonders to make you an effective marketer. Equip yourself with all the knowledge that you need to boost your Twitter marketing. Build Your Followers on Twitter If you can increase the number of your Twitter followers, it can be beneficial, especially if they are well-targeted and engaged. You can use tools to increase the number of relevant Twitter followers. These tools use analytics and data to find you suitable users as well as conversations.


You can also select various keywords for better targeting. As the number of your followers increase, you will experience more clicks through and engagement on your website. Identify Influencers and Try to Engage with Them Influencers are ruling the marketing gams and that’s true for every social media forum.


Engaging with influencers means better opportunities to gain followers, engagement, and traffic to your site. Engaging with an influencer in your niche means they already have the audience you are looking for. Building good relationships with influencers can help you reap great benefits.


Tools can help you here too. You can find influencers more easily. The searching process is easy and you can look up influencers in your niche using relevant keywords.


Make Use of Twitter Lists for Managing Your Contacts


Since you are trying to generate sales and do effective marketing, you will end up adding a massive number of people. This can make your timeline a little overwhelming. There would be people you really need to keep track of. You don’t want to miss their tweets amidst that abundance of tweets. Therefore, create a Twitter list and add all those contacts to it. You can follow the contacts in this separately from your main timeline.


Again, make use of tools developed for this purpose. Some instances are TweetDeck and Hootsuite. They allow you to set up convenient columns and follow tweets from those lists effortlessly. Make these lists public for people to know that they are on those lists. You can also keep the lists private in case you don’t want them to know. You can also subscribe to the public lists, which other users have made.



You may feel like it’s like stating the obvious. But this “obvious” makes a lot of difference. You need to actively engage with your followers. That’s the only way to keep them come back for more. The best way is to think of your own experiences. How often do companies reach out to you directly to take your feedback, solve a problem, or address your query? Won’t you love it if they do that more often?


So, get out there are do it more often. Don’t stick to the clichéd thanks to a new follower. Try to be personal and promote a positive and professional customer experience.


Keep Promoting Your Tweets


Take advantage of the new settings on Twitter. It allows you to promote Tweets quickly and directly from the dashboard of your Tweet activity. You can view all your latest reviews and then you can analyze which ones have more potential to make you more popular.


Target Your Email Lists with Twitter Ads


Your email lists include people who you have chosen to have more engagement. Therefore, the best strategy would be to target this relevant audience with your ads. Since they have already shown you that they are interested, they will be willing to see your ads. Make use of tailored audiences and upload all your email lists. When you have something that you want to use for promotion, Twitter will use those email addresses including all the registered users to target them.


Make Use of the Right Hashtags


Did you know that having one or twohashtags in a tweet increases the chances of engagement by 29% to 41% as compared to those, which have three or more!


You may find it tempting to add every possible and relevant hashtag to attract attention. But it is really not a good idea. Therefore, narrow down your choice of hashtags to only one or two in a single tweet. Make use of tools to pick the most relevant and best hashtags. 


Leverage all these effective strategies and witness massive improvement!.