Getting Website Traffic

wholesale merchandise websitesThis is a very complex issue that is multi-tiered but if done right can provide seamless returns over time. If you are running a wholesale merchandise business or retail store and want to expand online you need to get traffic to your website.


One of the biggest ways to gain traffic is to work on your site’s web optimization. SEO is something that takes a great deal of time. If you ever meet an SEO expert that tells you they can improve your google ranking very quickly, run the other direction. It is a long, drawn out process that can take up to 6 months to see good results.


When working on your site’s SEO first start with on-site linking. On-site linking means linking between the pages on your site. This allows Google’s Crawlers to get a sense of how the website is laid out. If there is easy linking between the pages then Google will rank the site higher. For example, in the blog you would want to like say, a services section. The more connection the better and it also makes it a lot easier for the user which is very important.


Another thing you want to do to improve your SEO is to blog post on various sites online. There are many sites that will offer you the ability to comment on your niche and give some insight to their readers. Make sure that in your writing you link back to your website so that users can learn more.


You also want to get a good backlink. Backlinks are links to your site. The more links you have going into your site, the better. Certain backinks have a better ranking than other. Google will give a page rank between 1-10. It is better to focus on getting backlinks that are high and have a few, rather than hundreds of small one. This is definitely a game about quality over quantity.


You also want to invest in a strong social media strategy, which will also help with backlinks. Think of each social media account as its own type of mailing list. The more fans you have on each account or followers, the more people you can communicate to on a daily basis about your brand and what you do. This is very helpful for brand retention among your audience and for spreading the word among their groups of friends.


The last thing you want to look into for your business is to build a relationship with bloggers. Bloggers have trusted networks in place that are extremely helpful for getting traction. People tend to trust bloggers a great deal. One way to get a bloggers attention is a warm email letting them know you enjoy their site and what you do. A second is to get them to review your product.. These sort of small incentives are helpful when a blogger is inundated with many requests.


Brand awareness is one of the hardest things for new businesses, but over time if done right can have a tremendous snowball effect.