Building An Online Brand

wholesale merchandise brandingIn this digital era, any brand or business looking to grow must consider an online presence. Even those who rebelled against it few years ago realized its importance nowadays. Well, better late than never. However, developing a website and owning a Facebook page isn’t enough. Successful brands create online marketing strategies to attract new audiences and convert them into loyal customers. But how do they do it? Here are 7 common elements for building a successful online brand:

Understanding the audience & delivering their needs: Most brands and businesses aim to target a specific audience instead of diving in a broad market. Therefore, the first step to take is; identifying and understanding your target market. Once the full analysis of the demographics, interests, and needs of your target audience is done, then you’ll be able to better serve them. Ignoring this step puts the business on a wrong path that leads to failure.

Creating a unique brand identity: The most successful brands can be recognized from their logos, slogan, colors, tone of voice, mood and other elements. Recognition helps a brand gain the consumers’ trust as they will already be familiar with it. Refer to a digital agency to conceive an online brand identity that makes you recognizable amongst your competitors and gets you closer to consumers. Take the example of Dove. Every once in a while, the brand releases real social media campaigns promoting beauty and self-confidence. Dove became known as an advocate for boosting women’s self-confidence in their beauty.

Being consistent: Once all the elements of your brand identity have been established, reflect them on every platform. Brand consistency plays an important role in maintaining the same image through the different customer’s touchpoints. However, using different identities on each platform drives customers into confusion and distrust. For instance, if you are using an energetic and encouraging tonality on your website, apply the same tone of voice on your social networks.

Focusing on the benefits: When promoting a product, service or others, ask yourself the following question: How does it help consumers? Keeping the answer to this question in mind, helps you focus on people’s interest by communicating about the benefits of your service or product instead of describing its components. For example, if you are promoting an online tool helping users better manage their social networks accounts, focus on the visibility people will get rather than on how to use it.

Building strong relationships with consumers: One important objective for brands is to stay on the top of their target’s mind. The best way to stay unforgotten is by building a strong bond with customers using the different social networks, loyalty programs and email marketing. Hire professionals, like a social media company, to keep you close to your customers as it is a key to their heart.

Keeping promises: Trust is a delicate factor for brands. It alone can break it or make it. So to be a successful brand, avoid making promises you can’t keep as it can ruin your business. For instance, if you promise consumers a 20% discount once they register on your website, give it to them as soon as they do. Otherwise, it will ruin the image you are trying to build.

Educating the consumers: Whatever your business is about, keep on providing the audience with information helping them better understand your brand and the industry. Don’t only focus on educating consumers about your offering, but also on the aspects related to it. For example, if you are providing ready-made ecommerce websites, writing blog posts and creating videos about the future of ecommerce provides an additional argument on the importance of selling online. In addition, educating your audience with hints and tips makes you a reference in the field for people.

Building a successful brand online needs a smart and effective strategy. Therefore, working hand in hand with a web design company and a social media agency would be a wise choice. These two entities have already acquired some experience in this field and can advise you with what is best for your company, while you put your focus on the business. Finally, don’t ignore an online presence as, in today’s world, it’s the most effective way to grow a business. This is especially true of wholesale merchandise vendors as well as independent retail stores!