Telemarketing Tips

wholesale merchandise - telemarketingWits and guts is what you need when dealing with Business to Business telemarketing. It is frustrating enough to do it on the field but it is more stressful when doing it on the phone. B2b telemarketing is simply nerve-rattling at times but it can be financially rewarding when done right. The scope of this ordeal ranges from lead generation to the actual sale.


True enough telemarketing can be nigh on impossible to accomplish when dealing with a decision-maker who is always on the go, but its likely that the busier that all important prospect is, then the sweeter the deal potential. You tend to deal with the gatekeeper making you feel helpless especially when grasping for that monthly quota. You do have to realize that the opportunity is scares thus it would be best to strategically find a way to reach the decision-maker directly. Building rapport can definitely help.

Business-to-business transaction and residential telesales are similar process that require you to establish contact with the decision-maker and lead him into taking advantage of the product. However, the ratio of success tends to be much lower in business to business telemarketing. Secretaries are obviously well equipped and well practised at the art of keeping pushy telemarketers from making that connection. However, establishing rapport with them can be a good recommendation to their boss. A gatekeeper can influence a decision-maker sometimes.

In order to close a deal first you need to open, and this is where a good number of inexperienced telemarketers fail, little or no effort in the opening of the sales process and expecting to do it all in the close, the sales funnel is a funnel. One that narrows and ultimately closes at the sale, and this funnel also illustrates the proportion of effort that should go into the sales process. Open strongly and the close can often take care of itself, open poorly and you will be lucky to see a close.

Timing can be everything to any telemarketing campaign, it's often best to make calls earlier in the day. Studies show that the best of time for you to call would be before your prospect starts their day. You're most likely to catch them at ease, and at the very least arrange a time that they may be available for a more detailed conversation.

Short and simple calls are more appreciated than long and boring conversations. You are dealing with busy professionals thus candidly providing them the information in the least possible time will be noted thus increasing the possibility of sales. Senseless talks due to long introductions can bore him thus creating an irate client. Do not follow scripts religiously. They are just guides. Instantly probe to cut the conversation short. Engage him into thinking that he has a need for the product.

Never take no for an answer, just because you've caught them at an inopportune time, always be persistent and remember empathy and obligation, learn to turn no into a yes, or at least a No into a not right now, but more importantly, either way get a decision, with commitment and holds water.

Never deceive a prospect. Never promise anything in order to close the sale if you know you will not be able to produce the goods. It is unethical to make guarantees that the company cannot stand by. Fair enough you are grasping for a deal but it is not reason enough for you to make up stories just make a prospect say yes, be creative, but do no harm! Offer only what is given and maintain a good standing in your industry, and if you are confident of getting the sale you could even choose to under promise and over deliver in order to build a good reputation.

Try and make sure you are using the best equipment you can afford when starting any telemarketing campaign, you don't want to spend valuable time trying to be heard, or resolving issues on with the volume of the call, keep a pad handy for any important information, headsets are great for liberating your hands and keeping a constant voice level with minimal ambient noise during the call.

You may make a hundred calls but only create a single sale in a day. Try to keep an optimistic outlook when dealing with telesales. Do not take the calls too seriously, and learn by your experiences. Definitely it is a stressful job but someone has to do it! As front-liners of the company, you may be the only impression many potential clients have of the business. Most importantly never give up, and take a leaf out of Thomas Edison's book and view each call as one step closer to success, not just another failure.