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The Art of Retailing

the art of retailingIt's all visuals we perceive and retain, A story is better told with visual elements, visuals create a long lasting impact!! Yes, all these sayings are as true as the debate on "Is Earth Sphere or Square?" and visual merchandisers find the most creative ways to make your retina's retain their brand's narrative. The store design is laid in such a way to maximize brand's visibility.


Visual Retailing covers a varied types of merchandising such as:

● Product Merchandising -

Products are aligned in an attractive manner on the store shelves utilizing the in-store space effectively. Strip hangers, label holders are mostly used while practicing retail shelving.


● Retail Merchandising -

The main motive is to generate consumer interest whether from promotional activities or digital marketing, the eye should be caught.


● Visual Merchandising -

It includes signage boards, banners, videos, digital billboards, and 3D Displays in order to create a digital retail experience. This type of merchandising is commonly included in experiential marketing.


● Omni-Channel Merchandising -

It involves multi-channel approach to sales facilitating the shopping experience of the consumer across different platforms such as online stores, mobile applications, telephone, and physical stores.


The Retailer's Eyes

Visual Merchandising is how the retailer wishes to express his feelings and thoughts to his target audience or general customer. When we buy a single product from the market, it may be that we are influenced by the presentation and product display in a shop that we can buy more than our needs. The changes and modifications that are needed to merchandise in a customized way are -

âž” Store Exterior

âž” Logo Design

âž” Store Interior

âž” Colors

âž” Lighting

âž” Landscaping, etc.


An agency which provides both interior design services and shop design services is looked upon to customize the store in a ROI effective way.


The Art

In a more concluding way the ART of visual merchandising can be explained as the creative way demonstrating brands in a multi-brand retail store, and a single brand exclusive store. The exclusive stores are purposely made experiential in order to provide the retail experience through narrating brand's story in visual form. The end-goal visibility is to be attained to make the sales 'x' times. As it is not a one man job, brands consider hiring retail design agencies, who have an experienced team and can further suggest more changes required for brand's visibility.


The Scope

For any retailer, visual merchandising is crucial in addition to the store layout as it decides which product should be on which shelf and why. The role of the visual merchandiser is widely available to many retailers either full-time or part-time. This experiment is created by window dressers, whose objective is to attract and motivate customers to purchase. Visual merchandisers ensure that consumers have the right atmosphere to shopping. This fact cannot be ignored by professionals that their creativity is the prime key while designing the retail store. Details on the product, the sizes, store square images are provided in the planogram. Customers should be able to see a clear picturesque of product rather the hodgepodge. It also includes the trainings of salesmen. It is a major aspect of marketing and merchandisers play a key role in processes, from production to final sales or product consumption. They should be able to predict the future trends alongside consumers' functional needs, analytical skills in keeping a budget on track and good communication skills for efficient marketing of goods.



The Art is not always acquired or inherited, it is mastered with hard work. Not everyone are born prodigies so, to pave the way out we have to work against all odds. It's a cycle of dependency where everyone needs everyone. Same goes with this industry, catching feelings and eyes through visuals needs a serious practice and expertise.