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Making People Like Your Brand

wholesale merchandise on social mediaYour brand's likeability is an extremely important aspect of your business' overall success. When it comes to how you present your brand through social media, there are certain ways to communicate for positive results and they are definitely worth trying because they work and you will be able to bring your business to the next level.


Your Business' Likability is Key
There are many different aspects of your social media marketing strategy that contribute to your business' overall success. However, likeability is one aspect that you should undoubtedly take seriously because it can make or break your success.


Your designated social media channels can help you to promote your brand's likeability in ways that you can't even imagine. The first thing that will happen when you start to communicate about your brand is that people will become aware of your brand. The more you communicate, the more aware they will become.


Along with awareness goes discussions among your target audience member about your brand. In short, buzz and engagement. Well, you should note here that you have definitely have a lot of competition. Everyone has competition. Because of that competition, you will have to work even harder to get other people to like your brand. Of course, you need to get people to notice your brand and after you have accomplished that, you need to get them to like your brand. Step 1 and Step 2. So the big question here is, how do you get people to like your brand? Well, if you have managed to build brand loyalty among your target audience members, the likeability will follow.


It is important for you to remember that loyalty goes along with likeability and your loyal followers will not have any issue with telling other people about your brand if they believe in it. They are just waiting for you to share the next piece of amazing content with them. So, how are you supposed to go about getting people to like your brand?


  • Always be genuine: Being genuine should not be considered an option. It is simply the way that you should always be (in business and in life). If you don't believe in your brand, exactly how do you expect anyone else to believe in it? It just doesn't work that way. There are several different things that must go into your brand message and in addition to your genuineness (and sincerity), you will also need to connect with your target audience on an emotional/human level. Without that connection, you will not be able to establish a relationship with them and that will be the end of everything. That emotional connection can come in many different forms, including humor, sentimentality, and practically any other emotion (or offshoot of emotion) that you can think of. As long as it is appealing and appropriate, you can express it.


  • Make your content truly valuable: It certainly goes without saying that your content must be well written. However, that is not enough. Your content also needs to be compelling, relevant, and educational. Additionally (and perhaps one of the most important qualities of all), your content must convey that you have the ability to solve the other person's problem. The concept of WIIFM (What's In It For Me?) is extremely important and without it, you will not succeed. Another element that is really important is your sharing good-quality backlinks. The fact is that nobody conducts business in a silo. With that being said, it is important for you to understand that you should not only be sharing your amazing content but you should also share other content (that has been written by other people) that you feel will benefit your target audience members. Of course, when you are considering content, you should understand and embrace the fact that it also includes graphic images and videos (whenever appropriate). All of those are important aspects of your content and the graphic element is so important because a large number of people are visual and if you share content that is exclusively in the form of words on a page, the full impact will not reach those visual people. You definitely do not want to lose them as target audience members.


  • Never give anyone the "hard sell": This concept cannot be emphasized enough. The purpose of your blog (although any business person has selling his or her products and/or services as the ultimate goal) is to educate the reader and to provide information that you feel will benefit them. You need to build the relationship before you can do anything else. That means that trust, credibility, positioning yourself as a subject matter expert goes along with that. What you want to happen (after you have built a solid, enduring relationship) is for your name to come to mind the next time the other person needs what you are selling. It is that simple. The only thing that is important to your target audience members is that you can solve their problems. Nothing else matters to them initially so a hard sell is definitely not what they want or need.


  • Encourage conversations: At the heart of social media's success is the relationship. That means that people relate to each other as human beings. The way that human beings communicate with by talking to each other. Everything else will follow after that. Social media is exactly that. It is social and your social communities are your support and they are your valuable connections. The conversations that you should try to promote will be related to your brand and what that brand stands for and what you stand for. You may want to ask engaging, thought-provoking questions. People love to be asked about their opinions because they love to feel valued. Their feedback will also help you to improve upon your offerings and the products and/or services that you offer will be better quality and more relevant and appropriate.


It is one thing to share amazing, top-quality content with other people through social media. It is another thing entirely (it brings your business to the next level) to get people to like your brand and to tell other people whom they trust to like it as well. If you are active on multiple social media channels, you have the potential to get a large number of people to like your brand. Likability is an extremely important aspect of your social media marketing strategy. You have the power to make both of those things happen for your brand. So, go out and make it happen!