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Selecting The Best Dropshipper

wholesale merchandise dropshippingDropshipping is what most people are looking at, when starting an online business. Because of its low cost – low risk features, it is indeed a safe bet for beginners. In order to get started, you need two things,

a) Internet Marketing Skills
b) A Genuine Dropshipper

If you are planning to go for dropshipping business, we can safely assume that you have got the right skills needed for online marketing. That leaves us with second requisite i.e. a genuine dropshipper. Good thing is that a simple search at Google will fetch you hundreds of results for your desired product’s dropshippers, and the bad news is that most (if not all) of them will turn out to be scammers and frauds. High demand for dropshipping suppliers has attracted the imposters into this area and many new comers are trapped right away. However, if you are reading this article, you will hopefully be able to differentiate between genuine dropshippers and scammers. Next time when you search for a dropshipper, be sure to check out on these things before you pick one.

Business age:
A real supplier will be able to provide its business history and experience. Someone who is in business for many years is less likely to be a fraud. Be cautious of those having no past experience of wholesale or dropshipping business, they may find out in the middle that the profits are not sufficient and would be looking to quit suddenly, leaving you in dismay.

Try the product yourself:
If possible, place a small order with that dropshipper for yourself. Don’t ask for a sample, because the fake one can easily trick you by presenting a sample of high quality. By purchasing yourself you can determine the quality of product they deliver to their customers.

Business location:
Try to find a dropshipper who operates from some area near your targeted market. This will help in keeping the shipping cost under check; otherwise shipping cost will eat up your profit margin, or you will not be able to offer competitive price to your customers.

Product Range:
Ask for their complete product range. This will give you an idea of business size, plus you would be able to offer your customer a wide range of products without having a need of dealing with separate dropshippers for every product.

Nature of business:
Most genuine dropshippers are mainly wholesale suppliers or manufacturers. This is the reason why you can get the products on factory rates and sell them online for huge profits. If you are dealing with some middle man pretending to be a dropshipper, you will lose a part of your profit to him. He can just forward the order to original supplier and run away with your income without doing anything.

Do your own research:
Don’t just rely on the information provided by the dropshippers. Do some research on your own. Try to find some of their clients and ask if they are satisfied. As stated earlier, purchase something for yourself to confirm the quality and time they take in shipment. Compare the prices with other suppliers as well as retail prices.

You need to be patient and spend plenty of time in research before initiating your business. Still, if you are eager to start immediately, getting help from and can be a good idea. Dropshipping business can be a stroke of luck for beginners; but one needs to be careful when selecting a dropshipper.