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Import Export Easier Than Ever

Import and export has made the world a very small place. Nowadays any one can get anything they want, either in shops or over the internet. It is obviously cheaper if you travel and purchase, but you can take benefit of the price difference, only if you decide to purchase in bulk, otherwise it is of no use.


At the same time traveling abroad is tiresome and there are language barriers that you have to overcome. People would instead prefer to pay a little more to shop comfortably, and this here the role of exporters and importers come in to play.


Import and export is a business that any one can do. You can even start up an import and export business from your home and enjoy the convenience of flexible work hours. You may have heard that it is difficult to import small quantities, and also about the custom problems. But the fact is that all these information are absolutely wrong!!


Yes there are no such difficulties at all. In fact the companies in Hong Kong, China and South Korea will ship you any quantity that you want. Even in the case where a particular company mentions a minimum order, you can order a smaller quantity in the name of sample order! You can order as small a quantity in the name of sample order, and you can also keep re ordering samples. The company will accede to your request as they will be hoping to get a bigger order from you in the future.


Some companies are such that they will ship you small quantities without you having to so through the sample order routine. If you are in this business, then it is a must that you get yourself a computer, almost all the work in this business is done through emails. Also when ever you are corresponding to with them in writing, always use a letter head instead of an ordinary paper; these small things make a lot of difference in creating a good impression.


Email means that you can get all the information that you want in jet speed. Via email you can ask for a quotation and they generally send you a Performa invoice that is an invoice in advance. You have to wire the money electronically which can be easily done through your bank.
Internet has made exporting goods to the small retailers very easy. Even a decade ago, exporting goods to small retailers was an up hill task. The suppliers would be faced with innumerable problems such as difficulty in accepting small payments, expensive communication and lack of information.


With the advent of internet, and free flow information, traders can easily trade across the world and order and sell where ever they please.