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Attracting Prosperity

wholesale merchandise successWith another new year comes resolutions and all sorts of regrets that many people have. Instead of self-pity, read this article and regenerate your thoughts and ideas to create wealth and success. Whether you apply this to your wholesale merchandise business, retail store or personal life it will surely inspire you to greatness.


Attracting prosperity is something that we all wish we could do at some point in our life. Some people will actually go out and attract prosperity while others will resign themselves to the fact that they will never have it. These people that are resigned to being poor all their life believe that they were drawn the short straw in life and that those who are rich were born into prosperity. They believe that nothing can change this and so they aren't willing to try.

It is true that some people are born into a life of prosperity while others are born into a life of poverty, but does that really mean you have to spend your whole life living the life you were born into? You can change the life that you live into a better one by opening your mind to the power of your thoughts.

How do you feel about your financial situation right now? Are you happy with how much money you earn or how much money you have in the bank? Or are you struggling financially and feel like you will always struggle to keep your head above water financially? When you worry about your finances you are using up energy, and using energy this way will not change your financial situation.


You can use the same amount of energy thinking differently about your finances, but thinking differently and believing that you can achieve financial freedom, can make a big difference. The amount of energy you use with thinking negatively and thinking positively is the same, but the outcome can be a lot different.

Here are a couple of tips to help you with the art of attracting prosperity:

1. A lot of people that are well off financially have taken risks to get there. If you are a negative thinking person then chances are that you haven't taken a lot of risks in your life. Now, I'm not saying to go out and gamble all your money, you don't need to take any big risks like that, but it can help to go out and take a bit of a chance. Along with thinking more positively you also need to think more courageously. Sometimes in life you need to take a risk to reap the rewards.

2. Have you had many failures in life? Do you feel that you are just one big failure and seem to fail at everything you try? If you have failed in life you have two choices of how you can deal with those failures. Choice one is to develop a negative mindset and tell yourself you will always be a failure - and you will be if you make this choice. Choice two is to use those failures as a stepping stone toward success, learn from your mistakes and move on - if you make this choice you will turn your failures into success. When you fail in life, try again, don't give up! Often a requirement for success is failure along the way.

Even if you have failed many times in your life and are still struggling financially, don't give up. It isn't too late to change the way that you think about those failures and use them to your advantage. You can attract prosperity into your life if you have the right mental attitude - you just need to believe that YOU CAN!