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Sales: Making NO a YES

wholesale merchandise salesSome say selling is one of the hardest paid jobs, but actually the most crucial part is how to close a deal. Is it the way you deliver the information? Or is it how you build your relationship with your client? But the question that really matters is how do you close a deal?


One thing is for sure; you can always turn their No's into a Yes.


Here are the steps below:

Always believe in yourself - because NO ONE WILL!


To believe in yourself, you should always have to give a positive impression. To be able to do that, you should behave and dress properly. Some clients judge you quickly by how you dress & behave. If you have a meeting, you should wear at least comparable formal attire. You should of course properly groom yourself; give them a warm greeting, a firm grip handshake, eye contact & well timed smile. Most importantly be attentive, and have the "CAN DO" attitude. Always be positive & Stay Confident!


Ask yourself if you really are committed to have them say YES! The answer is Yes, then go for it!


Help them understand You & Your product

Clients will only get interested if they are mindful of what the product does for them. Explain every detail, how can it help them? It's actually the impression of you. You need to be able to sell yourself/products & services to them. Your product represents You!


You should have the skin in the game. Is it really your passion? If the answer is Yes, then you will evaluate yourself and have the full knowledge about the product that you are selling. So by the time that they are interested they will surely ask a question, therefore be prepared! Listen to what they say and focus on that matter. Remember for each sale it is important to first identify how your product can resolve their issues and build trust and rapport. Not just because you have your quota, but demonstrate how your product move them closer to achieving their goals.


Discuss Your Edge

Give them what they really need, to know this of course is to ask question about the problems they encounter on their current product and give them solutions! Discuss the USP (Unique Selling Point) of your product. Learn about your competitors, this will help you to get on track. If you have everything what they need compared to your high price competitor then they will definitely have a partnership with you.


Honesty is the Key - Build relationship, don't burn bridges

Show interest to them. Value their time; it applies to scheduled meetings & appointments. Hear them out, and listen to what they say. Honesty truly is the best policy. And it's actually the basis for trust. Always remember, the sale is not about you and your targets, it is about your customers - ask them questions, engage them in conversation, use their language, avoid industry jargon and treat them with respect.



You need to learn as much about the other person's situation. This is a particularly important negotiation tactic for sales people. Ask your prospect more questions about their purchase. Remember a sales person always ask. Learn what is important to them as well as their needs and wants.


Change the Terms; most clients want the agreement to be amendable. But this will totally help you to close the deal. If you are ready for changes and accept the agreement. That's a Big Yes!


Be pleasant and persistent but not demanding. Clients do not want a sales person who is very annoying and demanding at the same time.


Condition yourself to negotiate at every opportunity will help you become more comfortable, confident and successful. Always turn their No's into a Yes. Remember No doesn't mean No.