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Improve Your Customers Experience

wholesale merchandise - customer service 1While most if not all training organizations spin their wheels trying to identify good and bad clients perhaps it is time for a contrarian approach and depict the illustrations of a good client. In my 27 years of sales and customer service, I am finally discovering the effects of long standing clients and will explain them in the paragraphs to follow.


However, one item that requires clarification is the need for all companies to focus on customer relations. Simply put good clients, lower the cost of market acquisition and provide needed marketing hype. The tangential benefits of client relations reduce capital, improve sales and enable more profitable organizations. If you do not believe the work of this expert review the exemplars, Staples, Starbuck's Southwest and UPS all believe that consumers are job one. Cherished consumers tell others and provide a gravitational pull to an organizations marketing success.


These are some of the items I have found most effective to good vendor/customer relations:


Recognition. One of my favorite all time mentors Dale Carnegie stated, "Be genuinely interested in other people". There are many consumers that bring their baggage into retailers, vendors and suppliers. I walked into my physician's office and by body language alone one can tell how agitated the patient was prior to speaking with the receptionist. Treat your vendor, as you want to be treated.


Stop Negotiating. The best consumers understand the value a vendor provides. I pay 80 dollars for a hair cut because I trust my vendor and do not question fees. The best consumers rely on sound advice, understand value and reduce agitation.


Generosity. During Sunday service my pastor states prior to Communion Service, "It is Right to Give Thanks and Praise". How true this is. Imagine, consumers giving gratitude for a job well done. Most vendors obtain threats and grievance, however, it is best to turn the other cheek and provide gratitude for a job well done. Grandma always did say, "You get more flies with honey".


Loyalty. Most vendors and service providers enjoy getting to know their clients. My exterminator constantly questions me about family, illnesses and business. Curt knows more about me then some of my immediate family. Take the time to get to know people. Communities are built around networking and communal knowledge, good consumers treat vendors like extended family.


Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. It is deplorable that many customers do not allow others to get to know them. A beneficial circumstance about sales and marketing is building relationships with others. There exist too many distractions today, between electronic communications and running offspring to their variety of after school events. Stress reduction comes from stopping and smelling the roses. Consumer exemplars are those that can relate and communicate.