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Fundraising Through Crowdfunding

wholesale merchandise crowdfundingMany a times, you come across situations wherein you need to collect money from a group of Friends. Say, for the weekend picnic, for giving a farewell gift to a colleague or, to help a friend with a medical emergency. In such circumstances, you need a fundraising platform which helps you to create a campaign with ease. Some key factors to run a successful crowdfunding campaign are as follows:


  • You should be able to connect to friends, family, or some groups through your campaign. The content should be easy and meaningful. It's always better to include photos and videos to explain your need.


  • Secondly, it's vital to publicize the campaign. Social media marketing plays an important rule in achieving that. While selecting a platform it is important to have a fair idea regarding all the available options. It can be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or maybe a recently launched website. What matters is, whether that specific website can help you connect with the prospective contributors or not? All the same, do not forget to consider the mobile apps to promote your campaign. That will maximize the reach. Furthermore, while marketing your campaign ensure that it does not it does not reach the audience in the form of spam. The platform you have selected should allow you to personalize the content to make it authentic. Also, keep in mind that you are creating a campaign to help someone. You are not here to force people to become contributors.


  • Now, coming to payment options, it is important to realize that contributors prefer a platform where payment options are easy to handle. The more complicated the procedure, the fewer the number of contributors. Focus on different channels available for payment, namely, credit cards, debit cards, net banking, mobile payments and so on and so forth. Another unique option includes payment using reward points


  • The last important factor to take into account is, how quickly will you be able to collect the required amount of capital from the crowdfunding platform? It will be wonderful if you get the funds as soon as the campaign meets minimum target amount. It will be even better if you can get the funds in chunks before the campaign ends, so that you don't have to wait till the end of the campaign to fund your project. Opt for an option wherein the funds can be deposited at your bank account directly or consider some prepaid cards issued by banks, like, Visa or MasterCard. These cards will help in smooth transactions.


There are a few popular platforms to raise funds for various causes. Make sure, that you choose the right one.