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wholesale merchandise prospectsWhen people are having a conversation the stuff that goes through their minds is a vast array of information. What we usually do is think about what to say next as soon as we get a window (a break in communication); or we just drift off and think about something else if we feel that the person we are talking to does not necessarily have anything interesting to say. How often have you tried to finish someone else's sentence? I know I have.


This is because we jump to conclusions without having listened to the whole story properly. That is because we do not listen!


Ever since I began learning how to sell effectively I have realised how many mistakes I have made and how much more successful I COULD have been by just listening to people. It is called DIALOGUE.


Now many of us are familiar with dialogue, but I have to say from my experience never actually use it in their marketing and probably in their general life. I will elaborate to those who may be unsure as to how dialogue goes especially if you are prospecting.


A dialogue is simply asking questions about the other person to find out about their wants and needs in life so that you can pinpoint where and how you may be able to help. As a network marketer, what you do is actually solve people's problems, may it be financial, or other.


So how can you solve someone's problem if you do not even know what it is? The answer is you cannot. If you have a product or service that helps people make money online and you do not find out that a person needs help in that area do you think they will buy from you? Again, it is a no.


Now you may be able to convince someone that they do in fact want or need your product or service using simply your enthusiasm. However, if the person you are speaking to does not feel like you have met their needs what will happen when you leave and there is no enthusiasm to keep them going? Well of course! They will be running back to you asking for their money back - buyer's remorse. This is simply because they did not feel like whatever you were offering would help solve the problem they have or they did not have one in the first place.


This may be the reason may network marketers struggle to make any money online. They can recruit thousands into their business, but people just end up quitting because they signed up for the wrong reasons. YOUR reasons, not theirs.


You see when you do not listen and TELL a person why your product or service would be of benefit to them you are only going to get one side of the story. YOUR story, not theirs. As a result, you are not helping to solve any problems at all. You convince yourself that the person you are talking to has a problem and they have to buy whatever it is you are selling.


Not enough people take the time to engage with a person effectively so that they both benefit from the conversation. That is the sad truth. Possibly because we are not brought up to listen effectively, but to get OUR point across. To listen effectively takes time and a little work. It means that whenever you are speaking to someone you have to concentrate on everything they are saying without letting your mind wonder; it means not thinking of an answer or a question to ask; it means not interrupting.


This is meant to be a two way street of course. However, in network marketing, most people are not interested in the people they speak to most of the time. This, also means that you can ask more questions and get better answers because YOU are listening. As a result you will find it easier to identify a problem and tailor a solution that matches your product or service.


So what I would like you to do is...


Go and find someone to speak to. It can be in person or on social media. Make sure you pick someone that seems positive and someone you would like to talk to.


Ask, ask and ask questions. When you stop talking you begin to listen. So make sure that when a person replies you listen to what they say;
Be open to helping people achieve their goals rather than simply selling.