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Be Cautious About Home Business Scams

wholesale merchandise scamsThe internet is filled with all kinds of opportunities & home-based business. As A matter of fact, every 11 seconds someone buys into a home-based business opportunity. Unfortunately, because of inadequate marketing and support most people fail at these. 95% in fact.


They read the advertisements of people making thousands a day in their first week and believe that all those people did was joined and the money came pouring in! They jump in without doing their due diligence-and then start the process of spending money they don't have. It is not how it works for the average person. They are then left disillusioned, disheartened and believe that all the home-based business opportunities are scams. This is simply not true.


Some people do get lucky and will make 2 or 3 sales in their first week or two. The rest, immediately spent $2000-$3000 dollars in advertising. That is the part they don't tell you. Then there are those that exaggerate their success. Why? Well, when you are trying to get your first couple of sales, it is only natural that you don't want to advertise that you are new at this too.


The reality is that it will take the average home-based business 3-6 months to get off the ground spending a couple hundred upwards to $1000.00 a month in advertising. You have (2) two choices - You either have time, and work the free advertising programs or you spend money on advertising. Both will work. A combination of both is best.


There are a millions on the internet that will spend your advertising dollars in a blink of an eye and cannot and do not deliver. The newbie's get dragged all over the internet as they get bombarded with emails, pop-ups, you name it. They all promise them the world. It is almost impossible to stay focused when you first start out. Your inbox is flooded, you don't know or understand all of the terms or how things work. Your sponsor may be just as new and doesn't have the answers.


(Tip-before you start any home business - know how to create folders and set up filters in your email program. Turn-off all spam filters and create your own spam filters & folders-Don't let your ISP decide for you what is spam and what is not.)


DO YOUR DUE DILINGENCE! I know you have heard it all before. But time spent on research will SAVE you thousands of dollars and will get you sales much quicker without all the heartache and hard lessons learned. We humans tend buy on impulse and emotions. You can't start and succeed in any business on emotions. You need to do research. Reading the website through 2 or 3 times is the first step. Make sure you explore all the links and audio available on the website.


But that is not enough. Does your sponsor offer their phone number for you to call them before you purchase? Providing an email address isn't enough. When you do send an email, how long does it take for them to respond? When you reach them on the phone, what mood are they in? Do they sound like they want to help you or "sell" you? What type of resources can they offer you? Do you only have access to your sponsor?


Is there a support group? If there is a support group, then it doesn't matter if the person you join under is new or not as long as you are able to access others in the group who do have experience. Are there live training calls where you can get help and answers to your questions? Do they provide ad copy for you? Are there marketing tools? Online and offline. Are there "How to" Videos? Do they offer lead capture/splash pages?


Do they have auto-responders pre-written for you so all you need to do is customize them? These are the tools EVERY online marketer must have to manage and track prospects. If you are not capturing prospects information, you will lose more sales than you will ever make. It can take months on end if you have to set up all this yourself.  And if your ads and auto responders aren't pulling then you have to re-write them. Chances are-you've given up by now. I'll say it again: DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE!