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Writing Articles for Your Website

Every website present online is wants to grab maximum traffic to their site. Article marketing is one such excellent tool to get this task done. But it requires lots of creativity, knowledge and writing skills. Content with no quality or meaning cannot achieve the intended goals. To ensure article marketing gives excellent results some things have to be taken care of like- proper formatting of the articles and proper sentence formations. They should be written in such form that they can utilize maximum marketing efforts.


An article starts by a ‘Title’, so this is an important part which is the first thing that comes to the notice of the reader and gets their attention. Write it in a catchy and with good keywords used in it. The title should be attractive enough to create interest in the reader and they go about reading the entire article. The keywords use in title should be kept only once provided it has to catchy enough. Combine those words with other phrases and form relevant title that serves all the above purposes of an article.


Next comes the body of the article that contains the real information that needs to be delivered to the readers. The flow of writing in the article body should be consistent and smooth taking readers from one paragraph to another in a continuous manner. Apart from paragraph manner, article body can be written point or list wise, important words or points can be marked bold or italics. This would help you to shift the attention of the reader to the points you wish to emphasize in the article. The end paragraph of the article is the summary of brief conclusion one that puts entire article content together.


People are little divided in their views regarding the conclusion paragraph. According to some it’s needed, while some say it’s not necessary and conclusion can be included in the resource box. Some put resource box and article separate as they believe they are different entities. However either of the both can be selected depending upon preferences and target audience of the website.


Final and concluding part of an article is the ‘resource box’, do not mistake as bio box. Readers are more interested in the information part of the article rather than the personal information of the writer. If they find the article interesting than they are not much concerned about your qualifications. The links that you give in an article should be right and functional otherwise no matter how attractive your article is, it would fail to bring in the visitors.