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Improving Website Marketing

Improving website traffic is a good achievement but this is not the final goal. Your business will run only if visitors are converted to paying customers. Improving conversion rate is very important because you can increase your sales with the same amount of traffic ("Conversion rate" is the percentage of visitors who perform any desired action).

Improving website traffic gives temporary benefits while improving conversion rate gives permanent benefits to your website. And to improve conversion rate, tracking your website visitors activities is extremely crucial thing.

You may have spent lots of money and time to improve your website and placed ads on major search engines to get more visitors and convert them to customers. But your internet marketing strategy depends upon where from your customers came, what they were interested in and some assumptions. You can better plan your marketing practices, if you will get information about activities of visitors who are converted to paying customers.

You may be thinking to put a survey in your website, which will give you information about some visitors.

Surely, this gathers more specific information about the visitors and to know what they were looking for. But again all visitors may not complete the survey and is this information enough to take a better strategy?

You can better plan your expenses, refine your website content, if you understand the activity of all visitors, i.e. which pages they visited, which page viewed how long, location of visitor, referral website, search keyword used by visitor, pay per click keyword matched the search etc.

Knowing the most viewed pages is extremely helpful, as it provides the interests of your target audience. Seeing the pages viewed for any visitor tells you specifically what these visitor were interested in. Did they go to the pricing page? Did they go to the FAQ section, or did they read testimonials? Reviewing such specific information can help to refine website content and you will be able to identify the areas in which you need to concentrate more.

How can I track my website visitors and improve sales?

Well, first you need to install tracking software on your website so that you can view the statistics. You can either use any well-known 3rd party script or you may hire any experienced developer to do this for you. If you ask for my recommendation, then I would prefer for using 3rd party script, which will be cheaper and easy for installation.

How do you better plan your marketing practices by knowing visitor activities of your website?

Visitors activities log provides valuable information like effectiveness of your marketing efforts, where from you get traffic, which page visitors like and which they don't like, which pay per click search keywords converts more visitors to customers, repeat visitor statistics, what is the busy time of your website, what is the software environment mostly used by your visitors etc.

And you can make changes to your website pages based on their behavior. You can change during least busy time, you can concentrate on most viewed pages and can ensure whether your website is compatible with software environment being mostly used by your visitors etc. This also helps to decide which keywords are most effective and which search engines provides better traffic. In additions, you can also take suggestions from experienced IT consultants by showing them the visitor activities statistics. SEO experts can better focus on keywords from which customer conversion rate is high, they can focus on the pages mostly viewed by the visitors etc. to improve traffic.