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Overcome Fear of Phone Selling

I've  got a confession to make! The little communication device used to scare me to death!


I would pick ip up and dial a prospect and when the phone rings my heart would start pounding wishing that the recipient does, to pick the phone up. When the phone is picked, guess what?


My home business was rationalised and crippled by the fear of phone. The telephone is a very essential tool to expose your business. Some persons have become millionaires due to using the phone proficiently.


However, when I discovered the two minute exercise a new world opened converting me into a calling machine. Despite the fact that English is not my first language, I have a commanding personality over the phone.


I will show you the magic pill to eliminate the fear of phone in record time. It doesn't matter the level of your fears but be assured that the exercise works.


Are you ready? Lets take the ride!


First and foremost acknowledge the fact that the phone does not cause fear we talk on it everyday. The potential negative results and perceived failure from the call creates the uncomfortable feelings that leads to avoidance.


Here is the simple exercise:


List down as many telephone contacts as possible. Your contacts must comprise of warm list[people that you know] and cold leads. You can order a list of telephone leads regardless of the quality. Write down a script in relation to your business.


Start making calls to your prospects one by one. Limit your time to two minutes and stick to your script. If the recipient does not pick up the phone leave a message. Do not focus on the result concentrate on making calls.


Do you fear playing lotto just because you lost? Play as many as possible phone calls lotto and do not expect to win.


What will happen?


The fear will take its toll reaching the highest peak! Your prospects will notice present of fear from your conversation. They will sense it in your voice and reject your offer.


Now this is the key! Without your knowledge magic is happening inside you. You are targeting fear with a laser beam and melting it away. You are now building little victories on gradual basis. The fear that crippled you will start to subside generating you a momentum that will seem foreign to you.


You will not understand how easy it will be to pick up a phone and call a prospect. You will eliminate the nerves and replace it with confidence.


You will be astounded by the feelings and the power of two minutes exercise. Go for it! Launch the fear attack campaign to improve your business and better your lifestyle.


Our wholesale merchandise magazine, Retailers Forum, requires our sales force to be on the phone daily making sales calls. Overcome your fear of sales calls and your business will become more successful.