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Selecting The Right Domain Name

There is no doubt that when it comes to buying a new domain, this can prove to be a very stressful task for you and it becomes even more stressful when you don't know if any bad history is attached with a domain and Google. There are many people that are buying different domains but care must be taken as there are many domains available in the markets which are banned by the Google for using the black hat tactics. These domains have to then jump through the hoops to prove that it's all cleaned up and do a reconsideration request. This is why it becomes very murky when having to decide the domain name along with the site content. This is where the services of the professional web domain name registration Pakistan come into the picture for you.


For this very reason a new video has been released by Google's Matt Cutts with some important details that the web masters must do when having to purchase a domain to prevent the ranking problems later on after the launch of the SEO campaign. You can always start the process by doing a site search in Google for the name that you are looking to buy, according to the Google's spokesman.


In case there are no results for the domain and even if there are no content present on the domain, this is still a pretty bad sign. In case the domain is parked, Google still tries to take part domain out of the results so this may not indicate anything, however if you are trying to do a site and end up seeing zero results then that's a pretty bad sign.


What you can do is that do a site and search on the domain name in Bing, so that you can end up in getting to know a better idea. In case a site is showing up in Bing, and not in Google then that is a major red flag for you. However, if you can also do a site, you need to search in Bing and plug in typical spam keywords to see what shows up against the query that you have entered.


You are just required to search for the domain name without entering the .com details or whatever extension there is to be entered at the end. This is how you can end up in finding the little bit of reputation of the domain.


Whether the people were spamming without the domain name or were they talking about it in a bad way such as sending emails about leaving of spam comments on the blogs. If that is the case, then it's a pretty easy way to figure out what is going on in the past and what it was like in the past. However, a thorough search on both the Bing and Google is still required is you are looking for the things such as spam comments which might have been left by the users and have made those sites to be removed from the Google's index.


The Internet Archive

According to Cutts, another good rule of thumb is to use the internet archives. This means that you can go to the and put in your domain name to check what the archives have to show you against the previous versions of a site look like. And in case the site looks as if it was spamming then its most definitely a reason for you to be more cautious and stay alert when it comes to buying of the domain name as it would indicate that the previous owner dug the domain into a hole and you are required to do a lot of work even when you are required to get to the ground level. This is why checking with the is required for you so that you can find the previous versions of the site. In case the content is auto generated then you are required to avoid that domain as it's a pretty bad sign.


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