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No More What Ifs

For those of us who are masters (myself included) at worrying, it is actually a very easy and natural thing for us to do. In fact most of the time we aren't even aware we are doing it. We've heard the saying that worrying is just praying for something that you don't want to happen. We get it. We understand it's useless to worry. But what if I told you the skills we use to worry are actually priceless. Wait - What!?! Let me explain how that is by starting with what happens when we worry.


It starts off with thinking "what if". What if this bad thing happens or what if that horrible thing happens. And then gradually we seem to keep thinking more and more about the what ifs. The more we think about it, the more we start to believe that it could possibly happen. Once we've thought that it might happen, we then starting creating images and playing scenarios in our minds of how it might actually unfold. We keep playing these scenes over and over, adding in specific details until these images become so real that we're now feeling really afraid and anxious, just as if the outcome as already happened.


Sometimes it goes to the point where we believe that what we've imagined (or something even worse) has actually happened and we are just waiting to hear confirmation about it. Even though this may look like a very long process, for us masters we can do this whole thing within minutes because we're so good at it.


So why is this so priceless? Because this is exactly the same process successful people use to realize their dreams and desires. However, instead of focusing on a negative outcome or worst case scenario, they focus on a positive outcome or best case scenario. So we actually already have this skill, we just need to learn how to choose what we are focusing on.


Here's how to get started:


  • Start with a situation you would normally worry about (start with a small one). Outline a few good outcomes that you desire to happen. Write it out in terms of "What if this good thing happened or What if this great thing happened.


  • Keep it fresh in your mind about the good possible outcomes (place sticky notes around or put reminders in your phone) and start saying to yourself that "well this could happen" (every outcome has a likely possibility).


  • Once you start noticing that you feel like it could happen, starting creating some scenarios in your mind of how it might happen (have fun and go wild) or write it out like your telling someone about a great movie.


  • Keep creating these scenarios by getting more and more detailed with them every day. (Do this until you notice that you're feeling good, happy, excited about the possibilities of all of this unfolding).


For most of us masters, we've spent years honing our skills of worrying so we need understand it's going to take some practice to change what normally comes to us automatically. But the great news is we already have this process down and precisely tuned, so the only part we need to change is our focus. And if we are going to focus on the future, we might as well make it one that feels good.

There's always room for improvement and self reflection. Forum Publishing, leader of wholesale merchandise sourcing encourages our readers to live their lives to the fullest!