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Be A Sales CLOSER!

Each of us are involved in sales. We either sell a product, service or ourselves, on a nearly daily basis! Much has been written and discussed about sales techniques, selling necessities, and the related impacts, but the significance and importance of the actual closing aspects and techniques, have too often been underestimated. While we often review those essential steps to be successful in selling, unless and until we focus on and actually close, it will often go for naught.


Although most people recognize that the close is the essential final step in consummating a sale, it is often the most avoided, and also the most poorly handled of all the components involved in transforming a presentation to an actual sale. It is important to remember that the greatest technique and presentation generally will go unrewarded unless one dedicates himself to becoming a professional CLOSER.

1. Begin this process by actually caring, considering and cooperating! Effective selling will only occur when we care about the needs and concerns of others, considering their feelings, etc., and stressing cooperation rather than being adversarial.

2. Greatness will only occur if we stress learning and listening. How can one possibly relate to someone else, and thus find their "hot button," unless they try to learn as much as possible about others, and listen with an open mind, so that they can better relate and understand what is most meaningful to someone else. It is about others, and not yourself!

3. Explore options and opportunities, rather than merely formulating a closed-minded perception, which excludes potential alternatives. Avoid letting your pre-formulated opinion overly direct your actions.

4. Truly effective selling must be proactive, getting the other party involved and caring. If you want to maintain the best opportunity to eventually close a sale, then you must dedicate yourself to the search and solve mindset and agenda.

5. Emphasize what the other party cares most deeply about. Empathize with the concerns and worries that you discover. Then, be certain that you respond in a meaningful enough manner where you are able to elicit a response/ reaction, that promotes others to want to care more and become more involved with you, because they can see and feel how much you care!

6. Request the reasoned response. When this is done properly and in accordance with these basic steps listed, it should promote what should be, at this stage, a yes!

There is a significant difference between sales and selling. While sales is an apt description for an occupation, selling is the proactive state which creates a transaction. Unless one dedicates himself to becoming a proficient closer, he will never master selling. Most importantly, it is almost impossible to close the transaction without the willingness to ask for the sale (this ask is the true close!).

Richard has owned businesses, been a COO, CEO, and Director of Development, as well as a consultant. Rich has written three books and well over a thousand articles. His company, PLAN2LEAD, LLC has an informative website:

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