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Avoid Getting Scammed - Work At Home

As the desire for work at home opportunities increase, unfortunately so does the desire to create work at home job and opportunity scams.  As the number of scams rise daily, it is vital that work at home opportunity seekers become savvy and aware of the alerting signs that warn them that a scam is in the works.  There are legitimate work from home jobs available; it only takes a job seeker knowing what to look for and what to avoid. During your work from home search, keep the following in mind. 


  1. If seems "too good to be true" it most likely is.  Those who manipulate words and create scams prey upon the eagerness and the excitement of the work at home prospect.  Clues such as "Earn $6,000.00 a day!!! No experience necessary! We train you!"  should trigger a "scam flag" in the reader's mind.  Avoid overly enthusiastic ads with excessive exclamations, capitalization, and extravagant promises.  If someone could realistically earn this type of income so easily and quickly, our economic situation would be resolved and poverty would have already been non-existent.


  1. Does the "work at home" opportunity require you to pay them to ensure a job?Another "scam flag" should alert the reader to "beware."  When a company demands a fee to secure a position, this should alert you to "steer clear and click away."  Many of these companies who request payment to "secure a job," only earn their income from these requests.  They often make claims that the job is filling quickly and you "must act now."  You should never have to pay for a job.


  1. To detect scams, use search engines along with the company's name.  Unfortunately, many have been taken by these scams and have made the scammer the richer.  Utilize others mistakes and wisely heed their warnings and advise.  Search for the company in any search engine followed by the word "scam."  Various reviews from work at home seekers will clearly reveal the opportunity in question.


  1. Are legitimate requirements listed for the applicant? Just as you would with any job search, look for the requirements of the employer in question.  Do they, just as other employers would, seek a background check, do they request a resume, do they list requirements such as work history, and references? Do they request an interview? Even if these requirements are asked of you, still proceed with caution, as this is your personal information.  Many legitimate work from home jobs and opportunities will also list technical, office equipment requirements, and skill requirements in order to be considered for a position. 


  1. Is contact information listed for the company? When seeking a work at home job opportunity or any home based business opportunity, examine the website of the company.  A company should be willing to have a "contact us" page should you ever need to contact them with questions or concerns.  Especially if you were hired to work at home for them whether it be telecommuting as an independent contractor or as a work at home agent working as an employee of the company.


Retailers Forum always urges our readers to do their “due diligence” on all offers that come their way, especially when they appear too good to be true. The real deal, as always, is reading our Retailers Forum magazine every month to find the best news, advice and wholesale merchandise for resale.