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Retiring Young and Rich from Home Based Business

How Does A Young Entrepreneur Become Wealthy?
Think you are too young and inexperienced to have a successful home business? Think again! The featured speaker at our recent seminar was in his 20's and already wealthy. He was considered an expert and was teaching the older crowd how to be successful. He had already served in the military. He had brought several members of his team with him and they were all young too! How can a person that young be so successful in such a short period of time? Why wasn't he still struggling to build his business? He and his partners were on the right path to retire young and rich.


The Benefits of Youthful Attitude and Enthusiasm
I think that one of the reasons for his success is that most young people have big dreams. They are still planning their futures and have youthful enthusiasm. Their attitude is "anything is possible". They have the energy to jump into action when the right opportunity arises. They also have more years ahead of them to start a new business and to fix their mistakes as they go along. With the right mentoring they can be very successful at any business they choose. They are also more willing to try out new ideas since their brains are not yet cluttered with self-doubt and the fears of failure.


The Advantage of Technology Skills
This new generation was taught technology skills all through their elementary and high school years. They grew up using computers and are better equipped to master the increasing number of new technologies. I attended a seminar where the speaker came to the part where she wanted to address the use of social media in a network business. She said she had to hire a high school student to come to her group and teach them technology skills. A lot of my generation is struggling to keep up with the rapid changes in new technology but younger people embrace them. Because of their technology skills, internet marketing has already provided a way for many of this new generation to retire young and rich.


Network Marketing and Social Media Skills
Young people today grew up with cell phones, social media, and You Tube. Their friends list is already so long that they should have no problem reaching out to new clients in order to make things happen. Since network marketing has to do with building relationships, most young people are already skilled at doing that. Younger people can easily give the 110% that it takes to be successful. They may lack the patience and wisdom that some of us have acquired over the years but they make up for that in other ways.


You Can Learn From Them
You can learn a lot from this younger generation. You can learn how to approach new opportunities without the fears that many of us have acquired over the years. It is never too late to make a change in your life. You might have to start out part-time if you are raising a family and have other responsibilities. Start part-time and work your way up from there. Just think how great it would be to find a younger person to add to your team. As you are mentoring them, they can help you improve your social media and technology skills. Their drive and energy can help take your business to a whole new level. Maybe you will both Retire Young and Rich!


When I started Forum Publishing Company, I was young and poor! Thirty-three years later the business, which started as home-based, has become successful and yes, it can be done.. we could retire now but we truly like running the business!