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Less Fear - More Sales For You

Even when people desire what you have to offer and want to say yes, fear can cause them to flee from the buying decision. The reason people dont buy or that they come to that buying decision and walk away, is that they dont want to make a mistake.

If in your proposition you take that risk away from the customer, many more customers will be saying "yes". Once they try your product, and it performs as you say, most customers will keep that product and continue buying again and again. So removing the risk from the purchasing decision will dramatically improve your sales by providing more customers, potentially bigger transactions and a higher frequency of purchase.


So how do you overcome the purchasing risk? One way is to simply assume the risk yourself so that the customer is able to complete the buying decision without any worry at all.

You know, for instance, that your product will provide a minimum level of service/performance, so guarantee it. In this way you assist the customer in making that buying decision by eliminating the possibility of them making a mistake you reverse the risk so you carry it. If youre not prepared to guarantee your product to your customers, should you be selling your product in the first place?


It is necessary to understand that there are essentially five different types of risk that the customer faces when dealing with a purchase. What you want to develop is a proposition (a risk reversal guarantee) that deals with all of these types:


1. Monetary Risk

2. Functional Risk

3. Physical Risk

4. Social Risk

5. Psychological Risk


In order to address these risks correctly look at your products and define what the risks are from the customers perspective. Then develop a risk reversal proposition which eliminates those risks. Indicate this with statements that specify the result they will get and what you will do if they do not achieve this outcome.


The implementation of a risk reversal does not necessarily mean ¨Ill give you your money back. This is such a common guarantee that it really doesnt hold much credibility with the customer. Most buyers expect guarantees so you need to offer one that is superior to the run of the mill.


A much more effective proposition is to support a customer in the execution of the product. So you will engage directly with them, you will provide additional services and capability to assist them in achieving the outcome with the product.


Who would you buy from? The vendor that was able to assure you he was going to provide you a high level of service or the one who said If it doesnt work, bring it back and Ill give you your money back.


Customers are searching for solutions to problems and it is important that you provide that solution and indicate to them that you will help them get the best out of the product showing that you care about the outcome for your customer. This type of guarantee will make you look favourable in the eyes of undecided customers.


When dealing with customers coming to a buying decision, you need to be clear about the proposition you are offering, but you also want to handle that buying decision and the risk the customer is assuming.


Applying a risk reversal principal will turn indecisive prospects into satisfied customers.


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