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Depending on who is your target market, you should really consider adding coupon codes into your system. The majority of the commercial wholesale or discount related stores just provide the regular retail price or a discount already integrated. There are certain shopping carts that already have this featured integrated into the system.


For example, not only it can help you increase your revenue, setting one of those systems in your domain name and website could help you save even more time as these systems usually carry more features and benefits from an admin panel. Adding a coupon discount depending on who your target market is could probably benefit your overall revenues starting from day one.


One of the ways you can integrate coupons into your website is by using it on your pre-checkout area where customers are counting all their products into the system. Having a coupon code of let’s say for good of example, a 15% discount which is usually regular with top companies, can provide you a boost in shopping cart abandonment if you don’t mention coupon discounts in the first place.


One of the strategies you can use is setting up a script within your shopping cart that can track the I.P address of your customers by a set amount of minutes and have the shopping extend “XY” amount of discount in a form of a discount by inserting a special code for a given day. Not only will your customers be happier, you’ll have less shopping cart abandonment and if your customer selected 5-10 products he would probably decrease the amounts of products to delete and leave out for later.


I mean put yourself in your customer’s shoes. When you’re in Amazon shopping for a book or any other store, how many times do you go to such commercial giant sites and select just one product? Most likely, you’ll select at least two products to save on shipping most of the time.


For $25, free shipping? That’s what at least many of us think when we have a free discount, a coupon code with certain limitation or any other creative way of integrating discounts into a system! While many of us do not use coupon codes on every single site we own, know that it works with certain markets and certain commercial sites very effectively.


Today there are scripts that starting from $35 you can effectively integrate coupons codes virtually on semi-automatic. There are numerous on the market especially if you sell wholesale video games accessories, in-demand games or other types of electronics on auctions and on your own website.


Furthermore, when you select a shopping cart be sure to select one that you can understand the basics formalities and features of the script. Most of these scripts you can work them by both preparing the basics and outsourcing any custom work you want inserted into them. But as always, be sure to select the shopping cart that would help you keep more customers not lose them. There are definitely more steps to learn when it comes to building a successful and profitable wholesale shop, but these are good starting points!