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By: Joaquin Reveron


You should know that many of today successful Internet marketers started out by putting their own wholesale general merchandise business online as some sort of hobby. Back when they were just starting, be it in wholesale merchandise or general wholesale general merchandise these advance and successful marketers were simply having fun and making a profit from their hobby as a way of living from it, was just not in their list of goals.


It was their passion that motivated them to spend long hours creating their hobby web sites. Along the way, however, these hobbyists had the idea that they can make a great amount of money from their efforts – many of them failed to make the transition from hobbyists to business owners. Many of them have web presence, they have long abandoned their goal to make an income from their hobby, and the reason is usually they never bothered to make a plan and continue to grow it along the way!


Be it wholesale merchandise or wholesale general merchandise business, business planning is an entirely different subject. You need to ask yourself a vital question in order to start creating a plan. That is, why do you want to turn your hobby, your passion, into a business and make earning a profit a top priority? Reality check for all of us: businesses are established with the goal of making a profit.


The wholesale merchandise business, retail business and the Internet marketing niche as you may already know or as you may begin to see, has a steep learning curve. There are aspects of Internet Marketing that you must have that do not have any equivalent in offline businesses at all. If you want to become a skilled Internet marketer, you must commit and prepare yourself for constant learning and be equally committed and prepared to make adjustments along the way. Very importantly, your patience, your skills for making right decisions and your knowledge in certain situations will be tested for the good, that is almost a guarantee!


If you are very active like many of us, you will be bombarded with information every day, and you can become overwhelmed by everything there is to learn. Keep in mind that the things you will learn are likely to have little or no connection at all with what you are passionate about.


There are practical reasons to turn your passion or hobby into a business. For one, as a hobbyist, you are likely not able to deduct your business losses from your income tax in your country, but as a business owner, you can do so. And yes, some of us will have fun in the next weeks, specially with ending a tax fiscal year!


But again, if you want a tax break and you have the time and energy to invest into turning your hobbies into businesses, you can reap many tax benefits that hobbyists cannot. However, talk to your accountant or a tax professional before making the switch. It is a huge plus if your business is focused or based on something you are very passionate about. Whether it is wholesale merchandise offerings or general merchandise at wholesale, have fun while making the right decisions!


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