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When you start a dollar store there will be some days when it literally seem impossible to handle everything that’s coming at you. There are customers everywhere. Your store looks like a runaway car drove down and through every aisle. An employee will call in sick at the last minute and of course, no one is available to cover their shift—except you of course. Then a shipment of freight arrives with no forewarning, and the driver is eager to move on to the next stop as quickly as possible. So what do you do?

Start by getting the cash registers covered. With that in place, unload and inspect the incoming freight. This is such an important task that you should allow dollar store merchandise to be dropped off without some kind of inspection unless the supplier allows for returns without inspection. That will be rare indeed.

As your business grows, more cartons and more pallets will be arriving with each shipment. When you start a dollar store, make it your practice to count the number of cartons when they arrive. Take the time to count each and every carton. Ensure your count agrees with the count listed on the paperwork from the driver.

In situations where your first count of the incoming cartons does not match the paperwork, then recount everything. When the numbers are still different, it’s time to request the driver to count them as well. Often, there will be a small box lodged down under another dollar-store merchandise box. You really just have to double-check. However, in situations where there is still a discrepancy, obtain credit from the driver. Then you must follow the established protocol for actually obtaining any credits.

While completing the carton count you should also be examining for damaged boxes and cartons. With the many moves and rough handling the cartons and pallets receive during their journey there may be broken or damaged boxes. If you discover damage, be sure to once again ask the driver to verify. You will likely need to make contact with the freight carrier. It is also likely, the dollar store suppliers involved will need to be contacted as a step in your of effort to collect on any missing or damaged dollar store merchandise.

When you start a dollar store always count and inspect all incoming freight. Make sure the driver is present while conducting the count and inspection. Know and follow all company protocols regarding reporting problems. Always have the driver note any issues on all copies of the bills of laden.

To your success when you start a dollar store!

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Bob Hamilton is an entrepreneur, author, writer, business consultant and trainer. This article brought to you by the number one source for wholesale merchandise, Retailers Forum Magazine.