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Anyone who is into Internet Marketing knows that getting other websites to link to yours, commonly known as back-linking, is a crucial aspect of your website development. It is also good for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a process of improving the volume and quality of natural or organic traffic to your website from search engines.

However, while in the process of adding back links to your website do take note of a few things. It’s about quality, not just quantity that matters. Randomly selecting thousands of websites pointing a link to you may look good to your business, but it might not always be a good thing. Be careful of and avoid link farms as they will only hurt you in some cases. The search engines are pretty smart enough to detect this if it sees one and take serious actions against you.

You should get back links from pages that are ranking well with the search engines and doing so from several different servers, not all from the same website. The most common ways of getting back links are through social bookmarking, directory submissions, submitting to press release sites and forum signatures among others.

What’s important from an SEO point of view is getting relevant (same niche) and quality (organic/natural) back links. For instance, if you have a website that mainly promotes health products, you do not want to have a link from a website about dog training in the Amazon. Also having back links to high PR sites help your site on PR building as well.

Stay clear of black-hat techniques that have you linked to sites that send spam or scams and the search engines will deal with this severely. So the bottom line is you must know who exactly you are linked to. You should at least check out your link partners’ site and obtain a certain degree of comfort with their business, although at times, this may prove difficult. One suggestion would be to obtain as much information including any bad publicity through what else – your reliable search engines.

To grow your business well, it is important to build steady and strategic back links to your website. Once you have achieved this, your website will get indexed and crawled by search engines and increase your overall search engine position for keywords or phrases due to higher PR. This subsequently translates to increased visitors to your website which is your ultimate objective. When this happens, it hopefully gives you the edge and opportunity to really promote your business name or products and feeding this hungry crowd.

If you build your back links properly and consistently, you should see a great increase in your website traffic. Just do a little at a time and you may be pleasantly surprised with the results over a short period of time.

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