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One of the most popular strategies in marketing is by using promotional products. This tactic includes giving out merchandise, sample products, corporate gifts, and promotional gifts. Expert marketers believe that this promotion strategy should be integrated in every branding and marketing effort. This article discusses some basic tips to make your marketing strategy successful for your business.

There is a marked difference between giving out merchandise or free sample and corporate gifts. Gifts are given to customers or clients who already make purchase or use your service, and therefore the gifts should be more special and valuable than merchandise. If you use gifts to attract new customers, you must ensure that the gifts are attractive enough to make them want to buy your products to get your gifts. If you give gifts to your loyal customers or clients, you must ensure that the customers and clients will feel privileged and appreciated by your gifts.

You should choose the items that are appropriate for your products and will give your products good image. Pens, notepads, and T-shirts are some items that are appropriate for wide range or products. Kitchen or eating utensils are appropriate items for food related products. Children love to get toys and including small toys with children related products is a smart promotional tactic.

Do not include cheap merchandise for luxury items. A plastic pen is not an appropriate gift for gold jewelry shops or high end boutiques. If you have no idea what are the appropriate things you can give as gifts or merchandise, it is better to give vouchers or gift certificates they can redeem at your stores. This way, you give them something valuable and also attract them to browse and make purchase at your stores.

Gifts do not have to be tangible. You can offer free services as gifts. Spas, hotels, hair salons, and similar businesses can offer their services instead of tangible gifts.

Whatever products you use, you need to make them look attractive and unique. People get so much merchandise from many shops and businesses that they quickly lose their attention to them. Your items should stand out among other merchandise. You can still give generic items such as pens, mugs, or the like. You do need to focus on the designs.

Remember to keep the design true to your business, s brand image. Colors play important part in setting the tone of the design. Choose color that is similar to your company’s logo. Do not include too many colors, unless you are designing for children.

Another tip is to surprise your clients or customers. Everyone likes to have a nice surprise that will brighten their days. Include a gift when they do not expect any gift. A surprise gift will make them remember the good experience they have when shopping for your products or using your services.

The sky is the limit for your creativity in choosing what kind of merchandise or gifts for your business marketing strategy. Think outside the box to deliver something that is unique and memorable. You may also want to hire professional designers to design or create merchandise and gifts that are truly unique.

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