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Whether you are a blogger or webmaster of business website as long as you are in the process of a business exposure you need go for SEO to make your website reach the higher slot of results in search engine results. SEO is a service practice that is followed by all. Every single businessman small or big is running behind SEO. As a result more and more people are doing mistakes.

These small mistakes are making them not to reach to the top of the result of the search engine. These mistakes are mainly

• Use of Too Many Blogs

Using too many scripts and blogs in your website is a huge mistake that should be avoided. This is very common and mainly beginners do such mistakes. There is very little space for search engines in the website and hence the sites with more texts are not really given high ranks in the SE results. using a flash can make your website take a better look but can give you a lower rank in the search results hence try to avoid using them too much.

• Forgetting to Put ALT tag With Your Image

Forgetting to put ALT in the pictures of your website can make your website reach a high rank in the search engine results. Remember to put some tags in your keywords. This will make them more and more readable to both readers and SEs.

• Too Much Key word Stuffing

Too much keyword stuffing is also done by beginners mainly. This is a mistake that must be avoided. The search engine reboot will decrease your page ranking and if you do too much stuffing of the keywords can make your website go into a messy situation where it will not be able to reach the top slot of results. Being simple and having less numbers of key words can do the service for you.

• Stealing content

This is a mistake that is really not tolerable. Stop making yourself a copy cat. Make original and rich content stuff your website in order to gain success in search results. Duplicate content may give you satisfaction but can not give you good results in the search results.

• Over looking the Search Engine Guidelines

There are many who just like being silly stop following the rules provided by the SE. This makes your organization’s website go down in the search results. to get the better results in the search engine results you need to follow the parameters provided by them.

SEO is a regular practice and we all know that if we are on the top of the results of SEs like Google and MSN we will be hugely benefitted by them. Hence following some parameters can really provide you good results.

Try to make some good practice and that too without mistakes in order to gain long term success in the results. The more you will follow the rules the more you will go on the top of the search results.

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