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If you have been debating whether to use business cards in your marketing campaign or not, debate no more. Despite the growing trend in online marketing today, the old-fashioned business cards still remain to be an indispensable marketing material today. Never undervalue the power of these cards and what it can do to your business. When done effectively, they can effectively reflect your personality and the image of your business. They can also mean the difference between the success or failure or your company.


Here are tips on how to design effective business cards that will communicate your goals and serve as an effective marketing material.


1. Personalize your card. People receive a lot of cards everyday so make sure that your card stands out in a pile. Make them memorable by customizing their look. It is best to design a card based in the likes and preferences of your target audience. Keep in mind that every business out there will make their card unique, so make yours more unique by communicating your message and personality through your card. This will surely give you the edge over your competition.


2. Do not waste the back of your card. There is simply not enough space in your card to contain all your details and information, so use all available space in it including the back. You can print additional information or messages in it such as discount coupons, appointments, product descriptions, testimonials, and even a map to your store. Business cards are small, so do not waste the little space provided in them.


3. As much as possible stay away from weakly designed cards. The design of your card is the first thing that people notice when they receive your card. Handing out poorly designed card will tell your prospects that your business is the same. For this reason, it is important that you create only the best design and use high quality paper stock that is glossy or matte finished to give your card a sharp and vibrant look. You can also use out of the ordinary designs and layout such as vertical layout instead of the standard horizontal layout to make your card stand out.


4. Include the basics. Do not make the same mistakes other business owners and professionals have committed; forgetting to put all the important information in their business card templates. Among this basic information are your name, business name, contact number, email, fax, and website address. As much as possible put only one phone number in your card so as not to confuse your prospects. Be sure to write them in the appropriate font size and position them effectively to facilitate easy reading.


5. Color use. It is important that you use the color that best represent your business. The color should be modified to the nature of your business and your target market. If your business is more on the serious side use warm colors such as white and blue. But if your business leans on the creative side use cool colors such as red and orange. Make sure that your cards have the appropriate colors to make them as effective and eye-catching as they can be.


No matter what type of business you have, these tips will help you produce business cards that put yourself and your business in front of your customers.


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