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Contrary to popular belief a few cold calling tips really do make the difference between success and failure.

At first most salespeople are flat-out intimidated at just the thought of making a cold call. The sooner they get past negative feelings about cold call prospecting the better, because cold calling is critical to contacting new prospects for new business.

Identify and name each of the pitfalls that litter the path between you and cold call success. Avoid the temptation to give up when you get the brush off, are rejected, and when fear, frustration, and anxiety run sky-high. Do follow through with these cold calling tips. Own these tips and you will move right through those nasty pitfalls and will handle even the toughest of calls like a seasoned professional.

Tip #1 – Get Over Call Reluctance

Reluctance really does have to do with the debilitating thoughts that you allow to run around in your head. To get rid of cold call reluctance do this: the instant negative thoughts come to mind replace them with thoughts that motivate you. Maintain this habit and your brain will adopt the encouraging thoughts and the old ones will be thoughts of the past. Make your calls first thing in the morning when you are fresh and full of energy. If you view cold calls as adversarial, change your mindset. Think about the calls as conversations with friends you do not yet know. Keep in mind your moral and ethical obligation to let prospects know about what your product can do for their businesses.

Tip #2 – Talk About Solutions to Your Prospects’ Business Problems

Discover key information about businesses you contact. Then, open conversations about their business. Do not talk about what you do. Do talk about problems with their business and what your business can do to alleviate their concerns. Your prospects are way more interested in finding solutions to their problems than they are about the nuts and bolts of your business.

Tip #3 – Prepare a Great Opening

Before you call, prepare an opening statement. If you are like most of us who cold call on more than one occasion you have placed a call then, been at a loss for words one or two sentences into the conversation. This brain-freeze can be a thing of the past if you prepare a good opening, organize your thoughts and figure out a line or two that will grab the attention of your prospect. Opposite of brain-freeze is brain-spew. The caller’s words come out faster than a speeding bullet. The prospect finds it easier to just say – no- than to slow the caller down and figure out what the heck they want. Your opener must briefly introduce you and what you have to offer. Speak slowly to your prospect has time to hear what you say.

Tip #4 – Focus on the Purpose of Your Call

Every word you speak must keep laser-like focus on the goal. If your goal is to get an appointment know that the instant your find yourself launching into a sales pitch know you have lost your focus. Save your pitch for your face-to-face meeting. Keep every word of your cold calls on track for an appointment. Stay on the phone too long, give too much information, and you will lose your prospects. They will think they have all of the information they need and will opt out of a meeting. Call, capture interest, get an appointment, and get off of the phone.

Here is a rookie mistake you do not need to make. Do not even think about asking your prospect how they are doing or if this is a good time to talk. The prospect views these kinds of questions as a complete and total waste of time. At best they think you sound insincere and disingenuous. Successful cold callers take care to ask questions that compel the prospects to say the word yes and to not ask questions that position the prospect to say the word no. Think about it. In the midst of a work day is there really ever a good time to talk? Of course not. So, why ask if this is a good time to talk? That question sets your prospect up to say – no – before the call gets started. No need to make it easy for them to get off the phone before they ever hear anything you have to say.

Put these cold calling tips into action and you will be on your way to better results. Stick with the plan and reap the rewards.

Leslie Buterin shares more cold calling tips and more information on effective cold calling techniques on her site at Retailers Forum Magazine proudly brings you this great article by Leslie to assist you in creating more sales opportunities for your wholesale merchandise business.