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Summer is right around the corner. Warmer weather is here.  Kids will be on Summer vacation. Many families will be enjoying family vacations. Are you one of them? One of the main reasons we start our Mompreneur business is to have more time and money to enjoy a freedom lifestyle and do what we want to do, when we want to do it. Summer is a prime time to do this since the kids are off from school and time to work on your business isn’t as plentiful.

Do you struggle with enjoying more time with your family in the Summer? You don’t have to juggle decisions about how to spend your time if you have firm boundaries and a team. Here are some strategic items to have in place so you, too, can relax this Summer and enjoy your family and make magical memories that will last a lifetime.

Establish “business hours.” If you haven’t already, you need to put in place official “business hours” of when your clients know they can reach you. If they send you an email or leave a voice mail during this time, they know you’ll get back to them. It’s good customer service on your part to set clear expectations with your clients as communication is such an integral part of your success.

Put your clients on notice. Let your clients know at least one month in advance of your change in “business hours” for when you plan to take vacation time. Have an emergency contact in place in case something urgent arises.

Utilize your team. If you want a true freedom lifestyle, you need to not always be connected to your business to enjoy downtime and being “offline” from your online business. That’s where a team kicks in. With at least one reliable person in place working for you, they can handle anything urgent that arises when you’re unavailable so your clients continue to feel taken care of while you’re off enjoying time.

Be mobile. With today’s Smartphones, netbooks and tablets, its very easy to monitor your email, social networks, etc. for emergencies. If you can exercise self control, then this is good to do so you’re still on top of things. However, if you find you’re checking your email as soon as it beeps a bit too often, then it’s time to totally disconnect so your family doesn’t feel cheated from your time together. Let your team know to call or text you with anything urgent, and only then handle as needed.

Be organized. Regardless of what industry you work in, there is work to be done. Look ahead at the tasks that would need to be done during your vacation time. Prioritize and identify those tasks that can wait until your return and those tasks that are absolute must dos. Get those must dos done before vacation. Get any marketing messages written and uploaded into your autoresponder program, scheduled to go out. Set it and forget it. Do it and mark it done.

Have various streams of income. Don’t rely on one-on-one income solely. Have products in place that sell themselves so you’re earning money without even trying. Be a speaker. This gives you more freedom and more time to do what you want when you want.

By implementing these easy steps, you’ll reap the benefits from planning ahead and being on top of your game. You’ll be more at ease and can enjoy your Summer with your family. What better way to spend the next few months?

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