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Trade-shows have become more popular in the past decade, both worldwide, and here at home in the UK. Many businesses have found a new niche marketing exclusively to those who utilize trade-shows as a major part of their business model. Having things under control, and an informed idea about what to expect in terms of sales, events, and income are all things that a new exhibitor thinks of first. Here are some tips that might help you in areas that you have not thought of in the past.

Your Business is Your Employees

While many people think of their business as a ‘better mousetrap’ idea, the fact is, especially at trade-shows and exhibitions, that people will judge your business based upon the people you have working your stand. You will need to take the time necessary to train your employees how to act, what to say, and what not to say if you want to represent your business in the best light. Role-playing in order to build good and consistent habits with the the people running your stand is a necessity.

Promote your Stand in Advance

Many people think that a trade-show is the place to find new customers, and while this is true, you don’t want to exclude any current customers. You should try to promote your stand five or six months in advance. You can do this through physical snail mailings, or via email promotional items. An exhibition is a great place to release new products or services to the general public and existing customers as well. If you offer a special discount to existing customers who make purchases or place orders during the show, you will help to increase your overall cash flow for the show.

“No” is an Invitation

We are not talking about high-pressure sales tactics. When you get a definite no from an attendee, think of it as an invitation to move to another customer that might be interested. If the naysayer is willing, you can leave them with a brochure or flier, but it is time to move on. There is no need to push yourself on the public. You go to trade-shows to gain exposure to a large number of people, don’t waste your opportunities.

Schedule Breaks for Everyone

Trade shows or exhibitions can be extremely tiresome, so you need to make sure that you have plenty of people staffing your stand to allow for breaks and rest. The last thing you want is tired, grumpy, or even sick employees misrepresenting your company or products. This is especially true of traveling exhibitions. Travel is stressful, the show is stressful, and if you do not allow for rest, breaks, and some leisure, people will burn out, resulting in a less than optimal presentation to the consumer.

There are plenty of things that you can do to make your trade-show experience a good one. These tips are a starting point, and by no means all encompassing. Each time you attend a show, you should learn from your successes and mistakes and make the appropriate changes for future shows. If you do this, you will be a pro in no time flat.

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